5 Very Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Web Hosts Before You Buy

5 Very Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Web Hosts Before You Buy

5 very Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Web hosts Before You Buy
You finally decided to approach a​ webhosting company for​ hosting your website. ​
You got your domain name registered or​ perhaps you did not. ​
Web Hosting isnt like buying groceries there are far too many things you have to consider even for​ something that looks deceptively this simple as​ putting up a​ website. ​
it​ depends on how cautious you are and​ ​ how you manage to bag the​ best webhosting provider available to serve you. ​

It would help you a​ great deal if​ ​ you asked your potential web hosting provider a​ few pointed questions such as​ those mentioned below, along with the​ reasons as​ to why you need to ask for​ your knowledge. ​

1. ​
Do they have sound customer support systems in place?
Now, you would find a​ lot of​ webhosting serve providers online. ​
Some of​ them serve their customers promptly while some dont. ​
it​ is​ very important as​ a​ web master, or​ a​ web site owner for​ you to know how your potential service provider rates on this aspect. ​
You could shoot some presales questions about something you wanted to know or​ ask them one of​ these other questions and​ ​ wait to see the​ response period. ​
if ​ they dont respond within 24 hrs the​ Industry Standard you are talking to troublehosting providers. ​
Good customer service and​ ​ the​ extent to which the​ provider would go to educate you or​ familiarize you with their available services would mean a​ lot to you as​ a​ client. ​

2. ​
Server systems, technology, Data Centers, Backup schedules Does your provider explain his standing on these?
Servers are a​ must for​ a​ webhosting provider. ​
it​ forms his basic infrastructure. ​
Backsystems are scheduled to run automatically and​ ​ these servers are backedup as​ frequently as​ daily with some hosting providers. ​
What does your potential provider has to say about these things? Do they mention the​ kind of​ technology they use? Do they have reliable backup systems at ​ traceable datacenters? How are they equipped technically? Do they have technical people on rolls?
3. ​
Company data, financial standing and​ ​ profitability How sound is​ your provider financially?
You must be wondering as​ to why you need to bother about your webhosting providers financial standing well, it​ so happens than some companies might be new and​ ​ there are chances that you could be talking to a​ flybynight operator. ​
Properly financial health also signifies a​ stronger management which might be placed better to be able to serve its present and​ ​ potential customers. ​
However, it​ is​ another entirely that some of​ the​ best of​ the​ website providers also make losses and​ ​ is​ not to be mistaken that they do not have good customer support or​ services offered. ​

4. ​
What might be scope of​ service provided?
What exactly is​ your service provider going to offer to you? Depending on your requirements he must be able to provide everything almost! under one roof. ​
You could have wanted just a​ single page hosted or​ perhaps you wanted a​ 300 page super content website Do they have the​ range to suit your requirements? Under your allocated budgets? Single page websites usually are simple HTML pages and​ ​ can be hosted easily. ​
Your requirement can be very complex too which calls for​ inclusion of​ different application platforms like PHP, asp.net and​ ​ Java extending up to scripts, forum, shopping carts, Intuitive control panels, plesk and​ ​ also enabling ecommerce. ​
So can your service provider be able to provide you all of​ this?
if​ ​ you had plans of​ making a​ truly interactive and​ ​ content rich site, you could have thought of​ including content in the​ form of​ Video, streaming media, blogs, chatting, live customer support and​ ​ much more. ​
You will have to ensure that your service provider is​ able to provide you with all of​ this and​ ​ much more. ​

5. ​
Whats your providers take on Hosting reliability and​ ​ uptime guarantee?
Uptime when it​ comes hosting means the​ time expressed in percentages the​ host is​ available to access through the​ Internet. ​
You would have seen a​ lot of​ hosting providers mention a​ 99.9 % uptime guarantee. ​
But then, you ought to realize that any hosting application environment calls for​ maintenance too. ​
You should ask how the​ webhosting provider manages to shuffle this time efficiently. ​
How do they manage their maintenance?
According to an extract from wikipedia
A popular claim from the​ popular hosting providers is​ 99% or​ 99.9% server uptime but this often refers only to a​ server being powered on and​ ​ doesnt account for​ network downtime. ​
Real downtime can potentially be larger than the​ percentage guaranteed by the​ provider. ​
Many providers tie uptime, and​ ​ accessibility, into their own Service Level Agreement, or​ SLA. ​
SLAs may or​ may not include refunds or​ reduced costs if​ ​ performance goals are not met. ​
One must be extremely careful when selecting a​ new company and​ ​ they should read all terms and​ ​ conditions carefully. ​
a​ potential customer should also check out the​ web hosting companys Acceptable Use Policy in order to avoid potential cancellation of​ services due to activities that are considered a​ violation
Hence, it​ is​ important to read all their terms and​ ​ conditions carefully before signing up any new company as​ mentioned above and​ ​ never forget the​ Acceptable Use Policy before signing on the​ dotted lines.

5 Very Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Web Hosts Before You Buy

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