5 Top Considerations To SEO

5 Top Considerations To SEO

Search Engine Optimization,​ a.k.a. SEO,​ is​ a​ process by which a​ website becomes visible on​ the​ search engine's radars. Considering the​ fact that there are over 4 billion publicly accessible websites on​ the​ Internet,​ being visible when a​ potential customer performs a​ search on​ Google or​ Yahoo is​ crucial. if​ your website does not show up within first couple of​ pages of​ results,​ there is​ a​ very slim chance that the​ potential customer will be able to​ locate your website.

When starting on​ the​ SEO journey,​ do not expect immediate results. Website's position on​ the​ search engine is​ like cheese - as​ it​ gets better with time! When internet was in​ its infancy,​ there was no need to​ optimize the​ site for the​ search engines to​ see it. Back then a​ robot (a.k.a. search spider) was able to​ traverse all of​ the​ sites on​ the​ Internet within few hours. Nowadays,​ the​ size of​ websites present on​ the​ internet is​ measured in​ petabytes(PB) (next level up from terabytes) and it​ takes search engines at​ least 72 hours to​ go through and index the​ pages.

SEO is​ all about establishing necessary components for the​ website to​ become search engine friendly. it​ starts with every page on​ the​ website having meaningful title and description. it​ also involves having researched a​ list of​ keywords and selected the​ ones that pertain to​ the​ site's content. After that it​ is​ a​ matter of​ submissions to​ the​ search engine queues and establishing link exchanges.

When considering hiring someone to​ perform SEO for your website make sure to​ spend the​ time and research the​ company. Here are a​ few questions to​ ask:

1. Does the​ company have previous experience with SEO?

2. What is​ their website's position on​ Google and Yahoo? if​ they can't optimize their site what are the​ chances they'll succeed with yours?

3. What is​ their strategy for your website? While most SEO companies won't go into detail on​ how they would perform SEO,​ they should be able to​ explain WHAT they have planned for your site.

4. Will the​ SEO Company use automated program and blast-submit your site to​ the​ search engines or​ do it​ manually? While faster and cheaper,​ blast-submitting a​ website is​ not without repercussions. to​ name a​ few:

---A. Your site might get submitted to​ adult content search engines.

---B. Your site may not be admitted to​ be listed as​ some search engines consider blast-submission a​ form of​ spam and either remove these entries from their directories or​ block them from being entered via CAPTCHA (challenge-response test used in​ computing to​ determine whether the​ user is​ human) in​ the​ first place.

---C. Your site might get submitted to​ a​ "link-farm".

5. the​ minimum amount of​ time necessary to​ make any difference in​ Search Engine position is​ about three months. in​ most cases,​ it​ is​ more likely to​ take about 6-8 months due to​ aging algorithm implemented by most Search Engines! if​ the​ company "guarantees" the​ top search engine position ask the​ following questions:

---A. Are they planning to​ use pay-per-click or​ pay-per-keyword as​ the​ strategy of​ getting your site to​ the​ top? While both strategies are fine,​ they are very costly and temporary alternatives to​ solid SEO practice.

---B. is​ the​ person you​ hired happened to​ be Larry Page,​ founder of​ Google? Because anyone else won't be able to​ make such a​ guarantee.

Inexperienced SEO person can cause more damage than benefits to​ the​ site's position. You,​ as​ a​ site owner,​ would ultimately have to​ deal with the​ search engines,​ if​ your site gets in​ the​ bad neighborhood.

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