5 Tips To Save Money And The Earth

5 Tips to​ Save Money--And the​ Earth
You just can't get that memo right, can you? You print out the​ first draft and​ find a​ misspelling .​
You print out the​ second draft and​ discover you missed some commas .​
You print out the​ third draft and​ later decide on a​ new title .​
Now the​ final draft is​ ready for​ printing .​
Before you throw away those wasted sheets of​ paper, stop and​ realize that you could be costing your business as​ well as​ the​ environment.
You probably know that by recycling you can save landfill space .​
But did you know that recycling also can produce a​ profit for​ your company? Follow these recycling tips and​ your workplace will be ready to​ save the​ world.
* Create a​ recycling program .​
Almost all types of​ office papers are recyclable .​
So is​ most plastic, aluminum and​ cardboard .​
If your office doesn't already have a​ recycling program, contact your local recycling company to​ see how to​ start one.
* Use recycled products .​
If you recycle but don't buy recycled products, you're defeating the​ purpose, in​ a​ sense, by discouraging manufacturers of​ recycled products .​
* Conserve paper .​
Find paperless ways to​ communicate, such as​ by e-mail .​
Also, save used paper for​ scrap, make double-sided copies and​ only print pages you actually need .​
By cutting back on paper consumption, your office will save money and​ natural resources.
* Recycle office equipment .​
Did you know that computers can be recycled, as​ well as​ cell phones, PDAs, pagers, chargers and​ rechargeable batteries? Many local recycling companies and​ retailers, including Staples, offer easy ways to​ recycle your equipment.
* Recycle empty inkjet and​ toner cartridges .​
The fewer drafts you print, the​ more money you'll save on cartridge replacements .​
But when that inkjet or​ toner cartridge is​ empty, recycle it​ through mail-back programs or​ local retailers like Staples.
In fact, Staples offers a​ Recycle for​ Education program that gives $1 to​ local education charities for​ every empty inkjet or​ toner cartridge you recycle in​ their stores.
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