5 Tips For Surviving An Unfair Boss

Every job has stress, but the​ workplace environment can seem almost unbearable when working for​ an​ over-demanding or​ unfair boss. You don’t have to​ like your boss, but you do need to​ be able to​ co-exist and​ co-operate with him for​ you to​ be productive and​ successful at​ your job.

Other than a​ change taking place, as​ I discussed in​ the​ article ‘Unhappy at​ Work? a​ Change is​ Coming,’ there is​ no perfect solution for​ dealing with a​ difficult boss, but here are five suggestions that might make your situation a​ little less painful.

#1) Think of​ your boss as​ a​ parent and​ you as​ his teenage child.

This sounds silly at​ first, but the​ relationship between you and​ your boss is​ very similar to​ that between a​ parent and​ child. Teenagers often have problems with authority and​ experience disagreements with their parents. Meanwhile, parents often create rules the​ child believes to​ be unfair. if​ the​ situation gets bad enough, as​ soon as​ the​ child is​ old enough he finds a​ way to​ move out and​ make it​ on his own. Parents aren’t perfect and​ neither are bosses - both will make mistakes.

#2) Do the​ absolute best job you can.

Sometimes the​ child misbehaves.

J. Paul Getty once said, “The employer generally gets the​ employees he deserves.”

Make sure you are the​ type of​ employee you would want working for​ you if​ you were the​ boss. I know this goes against the​ notion of​ revenge and​ tucking it​ to​ an​ unfair boss whenever possible, but by doing the​ best job possible you give the​ unfair boss less ammunition he can use to​ make your life miserable. He also might think twice about upsetting one of​ his better employees when there are plenty of​ other, easier targets he can take aim at.

Don’t draw attention to​ yourself. Unless you are the​ only one your boss has it​ in​ for, there should be plenty of​ others to​ draw his wrath away from you. Let someone else wear the​ target on their back.

#3) Learn all that you can from an​ unfair boss.

We can learn something from everyone we come into contact with. While from a​ good boss we can learn good management techniques, it​ is​ also true that from a​ poor boss we can learn how not to​ act. Don’t just suffer, gain something from the​ situation that will benefit you in​ the​ future. Watch how your boss handles different situations and​ make a​ mental note of​ which techniques worked and​ which failed.

#4) Forget about yesterday.

Yesterday is​ history, it’s over with. Try not to​ let your issues from yesterday spoil today. Instead, start each day with a​ new, positive outlook, telling yourself that today is​ going to​ be better.

Sometimes we get into a​ rut, expect the​ worse and​ act accordingly - we subconsciously force a​ person (in this case, our boss) to​ act the​ way we expect him to​ act. Make sure you are not unintentionally adding fuel to​ the​ fire. Starting each day with a​ fresh slate is​ the​ best way to​ get past previous differences. Holding onto a​ grudge only hurts yourself.

#5) Take responsibility.

Don’t expect someone else to​ end your suffering.

Complaining is​ easy, but it​ accomplishes very little. Worrying about a​ problem won’t make it​ go away while losing sleep and​ dwelling on an​ issue only makes it​ seem worse. You will never be happy if​ you are focusing on worry. if​ you are truly in​ a​ situation that is​ causing you pain, you need to​ begin taking steps to​ improve the​ situation.

The Roman Philosopher Sallust said, “Every man is​ the​ architect of​ his own fortune.”

Have you actually looked for​ another job? Have you tried to​ improve your skills through in-house training, adult learning centers, books or​ correspondence courses? Even the​ smallest step in​ the​ right direction is​ progress. an​ obstinate boss won’t change his ways, but you can improve your own skills. Why not let your difficult boss be the​ motivation you use to​ better yourself?
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