5 Things To Look For In A Promising Web Host

Finding a​ promising web hosting company for​ your internet based business is​ an​ essential piece to​ the​ puzzle. This is​ the​ company that has control of​ your server space, web services and​ file maintenance, so you want to​ make sure you are protected. Here are 5 things to​ look for​ in​ a​ promising web host.

1. Reliability
There is​ nothing more important than reliability when it​ comes to​ selecting a​ web hosting company. There are a​ number of​ things that can go wrong within an​ internet based business and​ it​ is​ assuring to​ know that your web host is​ there for​ you. Prior to​ selecting a​ company, take the​ time to​ look at​ the​ percentage of​ time their server is​ working properly. if​ the​ server tends to​ be down 15% of​ the​ time or​ more, this kills valuable time that you could be working.

2. Contact info
Part of​ a​ web hosting company being reliable is​ also them being available. if​ your server goes down, you want to​ know that you can get a​ hold of​ the​ company as​ soon as​ possible. the​ best way to​ check on the​ support personnel is​ to​ call them up prior to​ agreeing to​ anything to​ test them out.

3. Domain name
With thousands of​ internet based businesses on the​ web and​ millions of​ web addresses already taken, it​ can be difficult coming up with an​ original domain name. However, every web host should be able to​ provide you with one for​ a​ reasonable price. Check into the​ support they give you for​ finding a​ quality domain name and​ the​ prices each company charges for​ a​ domain name.

4. CGI access
Depending on the​ type of​ internet based business you have, you may want to​ or​ need to​ run your own programs. in​ order to​ do this, you must have CGI access. Not every web host offers this, and​ not every company offers the​ same capabilities for​ their CGI access. When researching into a​ web hosting company, check to​ make sure they offer CGI access that allows you to​ read, write, and​ execute on your server.

5. POP account
Having a​ POP account is​ vital for​ your business because of​ the​ protection that it​ offers. a​ POP account gives you password-protected access to​ mail that is​ sent through your website email address.

There are several things you want to​ look into prior to​ selecting a​ web hosting company. the​ more questions you can come up with to​ ask the​ company and​ the​ more research you put into your decision, the​ better off you will be.

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