5 Things To Know Before Going Wireless

5 Things to​ Know Before Going Wireless
Before you decide to​ go wireless or​ not, there are many points to​ consider .​
You may be asking yourself if​ wireless is​ for​ you .​
Well, today, many people are asking themselves the​ same question .​
if​ you watch the​ headline news, you are bound to​ see stories involving mergers, federal regulations, and​ new tax rules .​
This all points to​ the​ fact that VoIP has made a​ definite impression on American citizens and​ is​ here to​ stay .​
It may be difficult for​ some people to​ remove the​ telephone cords from their homes; we have depended on them for​ over 100 years .​
But once many people take the​ time to​ weigh the​ pros and​ the​ cons, most choose to​ go wireless .​
Here are some reasons, why you should make the​ switch to​ wireless.
1. Wireless Creates a​ Faster Network
Wireless networks are fast .​
With VoIP, you can create a​ network that incorporates data, audio, video, and​ computer web features .​
You can easily monitor your network for​ problems and​ troubleshooting is​ much simpler with web based applications rather than hardware applications .​
VoIP uses less bandwidth than other applications and​ this in​ the​ long run saves money .​
This is​ of​ special value to​ businesses .​
Businesses can also provide better customer service with integrated programs .​
Not only does this increase productivity, but also it​ saves time and​ money in​ the​ long run.
2. VoIP Saves You Money
Overall, VoIP is​ much more inexpensive then PSTN .​
You simply pay for​ your Internet service, and​ then whichever VoIP provider you choose .​
for​ a​ one time monthly fee, you can have unlimited local and​ long distance phone calls .​
You will need to​ check with the​ VoIP service provider that you choose for​ exact details on their rates .​
Sometimes, your VoIP service provider will allow free calls within the​ world to​ another computer, yet there may be a​ fee for​ calls worldwide to​ a​ landline phone .​
Always check with your chosen service provider for​ exact details regarding your chosen plan .​
Included in​ many VoIP service plans are free features .​
These features include Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Do Not Disturb, and​ more .​
Again, check with your chosen service provider for​ an​ overview of​ all the​ features bundled with your plan .​
The biggest benefit is​ the​ unlimited long distance calling .​
This has proven to​ be the​ number one reason why most businesses are switching to​ VoIP .​
for​ businesses such as​ sales or​ jobs that have mobile employees, these benefits go without saying .​
But overall, the​ average cost of​ VoIP is​ considerably less when compared to​ the​ cost of​ PSTN.
3. VoIP Enables you to​ Talk with More than One Person at​ a​ Time
With VoIP, you can talk with more than one person without paying extra for​ services such as​ three way calling .​
With VoIP you can have more than three people on the​ phone at​ once .​
VoIP is​ the​ perfect solution for​ those who want to​ explore the​ features of​ conference calls .​
This is​ very important for​ businesses that have employees overseas .​
By using the​ video conferencing features, employers will increase their productivity.
4. Enjoy Greater Flexibility
By using VoIP, you can take your VoIP equipment with you whenever you travel .​
Your VoIP service provider will send you a​ converter that will allow you to​ use your converter with any standard telephone .​
the​ converter comes programmed with your telephone number, allowing you to​ take your phone and​ phone number with you worldwide .​
All you will need is​ a​ high speed Internet connection and​ you can use your VoIP phone service .​
This is​ of​ extreme benefit to​ mobile employees .​
No longer are outdated telecommunications systems necessary, or​ are employees trying to​ run businesses on prepaid cell phone plans .​
By using VoIP, an​ employee will have access to​ his/her phone number, wherever they are located .​
Whether out of​ state, in​ a​ hotel, or​ traveling on a​ business trip, customers will be able to​ call the​ same number as​ well as​ leave voice mail on the​ employee’s computer .​

5 .​
You can Save Money for​ Family and​ Friends by Choosing Your Area Code
Many VoIP service providers will give you the​ option of​ selecting your own area code number .​
This is​ a​ tremendous benefit to​ family and​ friend members who can call you locally, if​ you select the​ same area code number.

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