5 Surefire Ways For Teachers To Make Money This Summer

5 Surefire Ways For Teachers To Make Money This Summer
For Teachers,​ the​ summer months,​ although a​ great vacation,​ can also be the​ perfect time to​ make some extra money and reduce debt.
What are the​ options for a​ Teacher to​ make money during the​ summer with a​ short-term business that can end when summer does?
1 .​
I know it​ sounds obvious,​ but tutoring can bring in​ decent cash .​
You already have the​ connections through school,​ so marketing your tutoring business (and building a​ customer base) can be fairly easy – especially if​ you let parents know you offer tutoring before the​ school year ends.
2 .​
If you enjoy working with young children,​ you can work a​ few hours each week babysitting .​
Your hourly pay will be less than if​ you opt for tutoring,​ but you can still make a​ respectable $10 an​ hour babysitting .​
As a​ mom,​ I​ know how hard it​ is​ to​ find reliable,​ trustworthy babysitters,​ so you’d easily be able to​ get regular sitting jobs.
3 .​
Summer Camp
Hold a​ summer camp at​ a​ local park or​ even at​ your own home .​
Host a​ week-long camp,​ and plan activities .​
Parents will love the​ break from their kids,​ especially knowing the​ kids will be well taken care of​ and they’ll be having a​ great time.
4 .​
Online Auctions
Take the​ opportunity to​ list all your extra treasures on​ eBay .​
You’ll clean out your home of​ junk as​ well as​ bring in​ some well-deserved money .​
If you’re feeling ambitious,​ you can even list other people’s items and take a​ percentage for the​ effort.
5 .​
Vacation Helper
Many families go on​ vacation during the​ summer .​
They need reliable people to​ house sit,​ water plants,​ get the​ mail and sometimes pet-sit as​ well .​
You’d be providing a​ very valuable service with little effort on​ your part.
These are just a​ few of​ the​ many ways for you to​ make some extra money during your summer break .​
The important thing is​ that it​ does not take a​ large amount of​ cash to​ start your own business .​
You can start with just word of​ mouth and take it​ from there.

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