5 Situations It Would Pay To Have Travel Insurance

5 Situations It Would Pay To Have Travel Insurance

5 Situations It Would Pay to​ Have Travel Insurance
No one likes to​ think about the​ worst when you’re planning a​ holiday – that’s for the​ journey back when you’re thinking about the​ stack of​ papers that need dealing with on​ Monday when you’re back in​ the​ office.
Sadly,​ there are hundreds of​ things which could go wrong when you’re on​ your travels around the​ world .​
And ‘away from home’ is​ the​ last place you​ want to​ be when things start to​ go wrong .​
Unfamiliar surroundings can make a​ bad situation considerably worse,​ but having appropriate global travel insurance can really lighten the​ load.
I never thought it​ would happen to​ me is​ a​ phrase you​ hear a​ lot in​ my trade – fortunately the​ types who say it​ to​ me are the​ types who took the​ smart decision to​ buy global travel insurance anyway .​
You can never be too sure,​ and for that reason here are 5 scenarios when your UK travel insurance company would swoop in​ to​ save the​ day wherever you​ are in​ the​ world:
You have to​ cancel your vacation for a​ death in​ the​ family
No one can accurately predict when a​ loved one will pass away,​ and with holidays booked months in​ advance,​ it’s no wonder that the​ unexpected often occurs and a​ family is​ forced to​ cancel or​ delay their vacation plans .​
If you​ don’t have travel insurance though,​ the​ losses will be firmly for you​ to​ soak up .​
With global travel insurance,​ the​ provider should reimburse you​ the​ costs involved so you​ can rebook at​ a​ more appropriate juncture.
Your daughter is​ hospitalized after a​ nasty fall abroad
A child playing in​ unfamiliar surroundings is​ often a​ recipe for trouble .​
If your daughter were to​ fall and break bones while on​ your holiday,​ a​ timely and expensive visit to​ the​ local hospital will be on​ the​ cards .​
While everyone would be happy to​ pay for their daughter’s recovery,​ it​ is​ always easier if​ your UK travel insurance company is​ on​ hand to​ foot the​ bill – leaving you​ with more cash to​ sightsee when your daughter is​ able.
Your holiday apartment is​ broken into and your valuables are stolen
There’s no disguising the​ fact that affluent holiday makers are an​ obvious target for crime,​ and holiday apartments often contain rich pickings for burglars .​
If your possessions are stolen while you’re out enjoying the​ sunshine then it​ can ruin a​ holiday – fortunately,​ appropriate travel insurance can save the​ day by replacing or​ reimbursing you​ for the​ items stolen.
You injure a​ complete stranger by accident
Suppose you’re minding your own business by your hotel’s swimming pool,​ when you​ bump into someone,​ causing them to​ slip and break their arm .​
Without travel insurance,​ you​ could be held liable to​ pay damages including their hospital fees .​
With travel insurance,​ your personal liability cover will pay for their medical expenses.
Your business’ future is​ in​ jeopardy after you​ fall ill
Picture the​ scene: You’re representing the​ company on​ some urgent business abroad,​ and suddenly you​ fall terribly ill .​
The company’s future is​ at​ stake! Fortunately,​ your travel insurance company can save the​ day by paying for an​ early return home for you,​ with a​ business associate taking your place .​
They’ll pay the​ travel and accommodation expenses,​ to​ boot.
Sure,​ I​ understand that the​ majority of​ people have a​ wonderful time on​ their holidays and don’t encounter any of​ these problems – I​ mean they’re not the​ kind of​ thing that happens to​ you​ everyday .​
But they do happen – I’ve seen the​ claims to​ prove it! And those are just the​ stories from the​ people who have bought global travel insurance: I​ can’t prove it,​ but I​ suspect the​ number of​ people who wish they had bought travel insurance for the​ peace of​ mind it​ offers must be a​ significant figure.

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