5 Simple Steps To Setting Up Your Own Profitable Lead Capture System

5 Simple Steps To Setting Up Your Own Profitable Lead Capture System
List building is​ one of​ the most important parts of​ any online business .​
By building your own list you have the opportunity to​ try selling your products more than once .​
You also have the benefit of​ being able to​ offer your subscribers other products, and services when they become available.
So just how would you capture those leads and make them profitable for you?
Here are your 5 simple steps to​ setting up your own profitable lead capture system.
1) you will need your autoresponder setup, ready to​ accept your subscribers .​
To make it​ easy on yourself you can pre-load it​ with messages to​ send your subscribers from the outset, to​ remind them that they are on your list .​
Useful, informative and educational messages sent once or​ twice a​ week automatically will keep your list subscribers interested.
2) Setup an​ irresistible offer page, giving something of​ value to​ your potential subscribers for filling in​ the form to​ subscribe .​
This page needs to​ be as​ powerful as​ any sales page where you are charging for a​ product, as​ you will want it​ to​ convert as​ many visitors to​ subscribers as​ you can .​
Outline the benefits of​ what you're giving away, and even the benefits of​ the information in​ your preset messages (you did setup those messages right?).
3) Most autoresponders allow you to​ set a​ url (website address) to​ send your subscribers to​ after they subscribe, you should send them to​ a​ thank you page, and let them know if​ they need to​ confirm their address before they receive the first email from you .​
If they do need to​ confirm (they should, this is​ called double opt-in and may help save you from spam complaints), let your new subscriber know they will only get the email with the gift link after they confirm their subscription to​ your list.
4) Your first email to​ your new subscriber should contain the download link for the free gift you offered for subscribing .​
The ideal situation here is​ to​ send them to​ a​ web page to​ download .​
This page can also contain a​ special offer, sometimes called a​ one time offer (or OTO) .​
Make this an​ unmissable deal related to​ the subject matter of​ your emails .​
Let the subscriber know they will only see this offer right now, if​ you do not have a​ special deal to​ offer, you can instead add a​ link to​ a​ product you sell as​ an​ affiliate, but make use of​ this valuable backend sale opportunity.
5) Keep sending traffic to​ your offer page and keep those subscribers coming .​
Join JV giveaway promotions which are happening all the time to​ put your gift in​ front of​ more and more people .​
Make sure you keep your subscribers by sending them regular informative emails, and it​ helps to​ give them more free gifts on a​ regular basis.
Words of​ advice, your list can be your own personal goldmine, but don't treat your subscribers as​ your personal ATM .​
Your list subscribers are people just like you, treat them as​ you'd like to​ be treated .​
Now get out there, and start building your subscriber list, using your new lead capture system, and watch how your profits increase as​ your list grows.

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