5 Proven Ways To Waste Advertising Money

5 Proven Ways To Waste Advertising Money

5 Proven Ways to​ Waste Advertising Money
1 .​
Yo Yo Advertising
My friend Dottie can precisely predict her sales peaks and​ plummets accurately...and no, she's not into fortune telling .​
Experience has proven that March, April, and​ May will bring a​ lot of​ money to​ her account, while September and​ January will put her in​ the​ slumps
Sound familiar? Have you too been caught in​ the​ vicious cycle of​ high and​ low sales volumes? Why? Most of​ us tend to​ advertise heavily while things are slow - in​ a​ desperate attempt to​ get customers through the​ door, but back off when things are hopping.
If you're looking for​ an​ even-keeled market, develop a​ steady marketing plan .​
Steady advertising produces steady growth...and steadily climbing profits!
2 .​
Single Shot Advertising
One shot ads, rarely get results .​
Most customers are just like you, they don't jump on the​ band wagon the​ first time it​ passes by .​
They often need to​ see your sales material several times before they actually make the​ move to​ walk through the​ doors .​
Follow-ups are necessary for​ success .​
We're not just talking about prospective customers now...even your loyal customers need to​ be cultivated for​ sales .​
How many times have you thought about making a​ purchase, but just never followed through with it? Sure, we all do it .​
Sometimes it​ takes a​ little pressure to​ get us to​ part with our hard-earned money .​
Make it​ a​ point to​ spend time building relationships with both new customers and​ your faithful following.
3 .​
MonkeySee, Monkey Do Advertising
How many times have you seen the​ same advertisement ideas written with just a​ little different twist? if​ you're surfing the​ Web you've come across plenty of​ the​ aped ads! Yeah, you can predict what the​ next paragraph will cover, because you've seen it​ so many other places.
Sure, copy cat ads can be effective for​ a​ little while, but the​ results will quickly die down as​ others join in​ the​ copy mania .​
if​ you're looking for​ REAL and​ LASTING results, be original .​
Do what only you can do, forget about what everyone else is​ doing .​
Be you .​
When a​ competitor does have a​ good idea, improve on it .​
Don't follow in​ his footsteps...step out and​ lead the​ way to​ more effective advertisements.
4 .​
Wild Shot Advertising
Ready, aim...yeah aim before you advertise! Don't be caught up in​ wild advertising that gets your message in​ front of​ a​ lot of​ people who have absolutely no interest in​ your product or​ service.
Target your market...and get better results for​ your investment .​
Finding the​ target market that has a​ specific need you can fulfill takes a​ little time and​ research, but you'll feel the​ effects when you hit the​ bullseye!
Think about this...there are advertising venues that your competition is​ overlooking .​
What about postcards? These high impact marketing tools are often overlooked .​
Yet, they're the​ perfect low-cost way to​ generate prospective customer interest .​
Keep an​ eye open for​ overlooked marketing gems, and​ get one up on your competition!
5 .​
Me, Me Advertising
What is​ it​ that consumers are looking for? ...Exactly, something that is​ going to​ benefit them .​
They really aren't interested in​ the​ facts about your product...they want to​ know how it​ will impact their life or​ lifestyle.
Take a​ look at​ your ad copy, and​ ask yourself what are you portraying...facts or​ benefits .​
Multi Level Marketers have this all figured out .​
Rather than tell you they have a​ business to​ offer, they spend a​ lot of​ time promising you freedom to​ work your own hours, countless vacations, summer homes and​ a​ host of​ other things you've probably already dreamed about at​ some point .​
Hey, don't knock it...the MLM industry is​ a​ steadily growing element in​ our economy .​

Don't bore your readers with the​ facts...attract them with exciting elements that will fulfill their needs or​ desires .​

Are you getting the​ results you've been looking for? Take another look at​ your marketing strategy...are you making the​ same mistakes many marketers unknowingly make .​
Hey, real success may only be one change away!

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