5 Must Ask Questions To Create Effective Advertisements

5 Must Ask Questions To Create Effective Advertisements

5 Must Ask Questions to​ Create Effective Advertisements
Are you ready to​ kick off a​ marketing campaign that will send your sales to​ the​ moon? Whether you're ready to​ create a​ Web page, sales letter, or​ other sales copy, take a​ moment to​ ask yourself these important questions before you dive in .​
Think before you advertise.
1 .​
Who Do You Want to​ Target?
Is your prospective customer an​ avid outdoorsman who likes to​ hike? Know exactly who you are talking to​ before you start .​
Once you know the​ characteristics of​ your ideal reader, it's much easier to​ create a​ dynamic sales message that will address their interests and​ needs .​
Talk directly to​ the​ reader, and​ watch them respond.
2 .​
What Action Do You Want Your Reader to​ Take?
Not all advertisements are intended to​ spur immediate sales .​
Are you looking for​ a​ list of​ prospective buyers, first time inquiries, or​ direct sales? Word your sales copy to​ stimulate the​ action you want the​ reader to​ take .​

3 .​
What Do You Have That Your Competitors Don't?
Before you can expect your audience to​ head out for​ your place of​ business, you've got let them know why they need to​ do business with YOU .​
Do you provide faster results, a​ better guarantee, personalized service, easier to​ use products? What is​ it​ that makes your product better?
How important is​ it​ to​ identify your competitive edge? a​ good rule of​ thumb is​ that it​ should cover about one half of​ your advertising space .​
Pretty important, huh? Yeah, you'll want to​ keep a​ close eye on the​ competition and​ continuously update to​ KEEP the​ competitive edge.
4 .​
How Can You Verify Your Claims?
You don't believe everything you hear...especially from someone wanting to​ sell you something, and​ neither will your prospective customers .​
You've got to​ make them believe that what you say is​ the​ gospel truth .​
Gather testimonials from current customers, dig up some reliable research that will back up your claims, and​ find someone well-respected to​ endorse your product or​ service .​
Just don't expect blind faith from people who don't know you.
5 .​
How Do You Spur the​ Readers to​ Action
Let's face it...procrastination has a​ good foothold in​ the​ lives of​ many of​ the​ people we are marketing our products and​ services too .​
Yeah, they're a​ lot like us .​
They see the​ ad, think Hey, I​ need to​ get one of​ those, and​ go on about life without every getting around to​ making it​ to​ your place of​ business.
Deadlines can spur action .​
Hey, if​ you know you're going to​ pay 25 percent less if​ you buy it​ by Saturday, you're not likely to​ wait until Sunday to​ do your shopping .​
Put together a​ list of​ sales you want to​ introduce, specify the​ end dates, and​ your set to​ put a​ little motivation in​ your copy .​
Hint: You don't have to​ have new sales every time - recycle the​ ones you have every so often...especially those that bring good response.
Motivating sales copy doesn't have to​ be written by professional marketers .​
Implement these questions in​ your sales page and​ you'll have high-quality copy the​ produces top-notch results.

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