5 Must Ask Questions For Anyone Potty Training A Toddler

5 Must Ask Questions For Anyone Potty Training A Toddler

If you are thinking about starting to​ potty train your toddler,​ there are a​ few questions you should ask yourself before you begin potty training. Being well prepared for this challenging transition from diapers to​ potty is​ one of​ the​ best things you can do to​ make this as​ easy as​ possible on​ your child.

1. is​ My Child Ready?
You want to​ start potty training at​ just the​ right time. You will know that your child is​ ready when he or​ she gets more interested in​ you going to​ the​ potty,​ tells you right away when the​ diaper is​ wet or​ pulls on​ it​ and seems uncomfortable with it. Give potty training a​ try,​ if​ your child doesn’t seem ready despite the​ signs,​ wait a​ few weeks and try again.

2. Am I Ready?
Just as​ important as​ your child being ready is​ that you are ready. Prepare yourself mentally for the​ transition from diaper to​ potty for your child. You will need a​ lot of​ patience and understanding. There are going to​ be resentment,​ tears and the​ occasional accident. Make sure you are prepared for this so you can stay calm and supportive for your child.

3. Do we​ Need a​ Potty Chair?
A regular toilet is​ very intimidating for a​ child. the​ seat is​ rather large and your child will have to​ hold on​ to​ avoid falling in. in​ addition “things” vanish in​ there when you flash – which can be a​ pretty scary thought for your child. Many kids are more comfortable with a​ potty chair at​ first. After a​ few weeks you should be able to​ move on​ to​ a​ potty seat insert that fits on​ your regular toilet eliminating the​ potty cleanup.

4. Should we​ Use a​ Potty Doll?
A potty doll is​ not a​ necessity when it​ comes to​ potty training,​ but can be a​ great tool. a​ potty doll will pee like an​ actual child and usually comes with diapers,​ panties and a​ potty chair. the​ doll can help tremendously during the​ pre-potty training phase when you are getting your child used to​ the​ idea of​ going in​ the​ potty instead of​ the​ diaper. You can illustrate what’s supposed to​ happen on​ the​ doll and let your child warm up to​ the​ idea by playing with the​ doll in​ the​ same fashion. When you are ready to​ potty train,​ put the​ doll on​ the​ potty right next to​ your child.

5. Should we​ Use Potty Training Rewards?
Before you start potty training,​ you should decide if​ you are going to​ use some sort of​ rewards as​ encouragement for your child,​ or​ if​ you will simply make your child feel great about his successes by being his cheer leader. Simple potty training rewards can include stickers,​ candy like a​ few jellybeans or​ M&M’s,​ or​ you can use some sort of​ tracking chart for bigger rewards (i.e. if​ you use the​ potty for an​ entire week without accident,​ you get a​ small toy). Using simple rewards can be a​ great potty training tool,​ but it​ isn’t by any means necessary as​ long as​ you get the​ message across to​ your child that you are proud of​ him.

Take a​ few minutes to​ answer these potty training questions for yourself and go over them with your spouse as​ well to​ ensure you are on​ the​ same page before you start potty training your child. it​ will help you give your child a​ clear picture of​ what you are both trying to​ accomplish and will cut down on​ any confusion.

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