5 Key Strategies To Juggling Work And Family With Ease

5 Key Strategies To Juggling Work And Family With Ease

Are you a​ woman business owner struggling with the​ juggling? You’re committed to​ running a​ successful business while also needing to​ manage your family life. it​ can begin to​ feel like one long marathon, day after day. it​ can be absolutely exhausting! Bet you’re ready to​ take a​ new approach. Are you ready to​ juggle work and​ family with ease?

Most women feel that one often overshadows the​ other (depending on the​ day and​ the​ deadline) and​ never seem to​ come to​ a​ place where they are comfortably managing both work and​ family. in​ this article you’ll find five key strategies to​ be an​ expert juggler. You can run a​ successful, profitable business that makes a​ difference in​ the​ world while also creating a​ loving, joyful family life that thrives. Let’s look at​ five powerful strategies:

1. Articulate “Who You Want to​ Be” Each Day

It’s important to​ articulate who you want to​ be (i.e. calm, patient, kind, loving) each day so you can frame your actions and​ words within that context. if​ you want to​ be more patient, for​ example, allow yourself to​ bring patience into every interaction in​ your business as​ well as​ into your communications with your family. By seamlessly integrating “who” you are in​ each environment, you’ll begin to​ feel better and​ experience more ease.

2. Clarify Your Work and​ Family Vision

With a​ clear vision, you can take clear action as​ you juggle your activities throughout the​ day. Begin by writing down your top three business goals and​ your top three family goals (they may be weekly, monthly or​ even annual). Give yourself time to​ clearly articulate your vision and​ create an​ action plan. Without this vision, you may feel as​ if​ you are running a​ race that has no end.

3. Know Your “High Impact Activities”

Review your vision and​ identify the​ high-impact activities for​ yourself (i.e. those actions that will bring the​ greatest results and​ place you closer to​ your goals). When you determine these, you gain a​ greater level of​ discernment about how to​ spend your time and​ energy. You can then “outsource” or​ eliminate the​ things that won’t produce results that are consistent with your vision(s).

4. Identify the​ Top Three Things to​ Complete Each Day

Choose the​ top three things you want to​ fully complete each day. Most people feel stress as​ they juggle work and​ family because so many things are incomplete. I want to​ challenge you to​ pick three juicy actions every day for​ both your business and​ family (six total) and​ complete them with vigor! When you do, you’ll feel a​ deep sense of​ ease and​ satisfaction.

5. Enlist the​ Help of​ Others (Colleagues, Assistants and​ Family)

Women often tend to​ feel they must complete everything on their own. It’s simply not realistic. Look for​ new ways to​ save time, money and​ energy by enlisting the​ help of​ others. it​ may be a​ friend, colleague or​ family member. a​ mentor once said to​ me, “When you tell someone where you are trying to​ go, they’ll help you get there.” Allow others to​ help you meet your goals. With this support, you’ll naturally create more ease for​ yourself.

Fiona, a​ gourmet foods entrepreneur in​ Australasia and​ the​ US, recently applied these powerful strategies during our 12-Week Work With Ease™ for​ Small Businesses program and​ was amazed at​ the​ results. She decided she was going to​ approach both her business and​ her family in​ a​ very different way. Within one month of​ establishing her “who to​ be,” vision and​ high-leverage activities, she was on the​ road to​ more ease. She felt clear, focused and​ ready to​ grow her business to​ the​ next level.

I wish you well as​ you begin to​ look for​ ways to​ juggle work and​ family with more ease. May you know joy, may you know peace and​ may you work with ease.

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