5 Honeymoon Money Saving Tips

5 Honeymoon Money Saving Tips

The honeymoon will always be an​ important aspect in​ every wedding plan no matter how tight the​ budget is. While the​ wedding ceremony is​ the​ highlight of​ every relationship ending up in​ the​ altar, the​ couple will always look forward to​ the​ honeymoon.

Every newly- wedded couple will always feel the​ stress of​ wedding preparations. Even couples who are wise enough and​ who are capable of​ getting a​ wedding planner will not be exempt from the​ after- wedding desire to​ be stress- free. Thus, almost all couples will always consider their honeymoon the​ best part of​ getting married.

Honeymoon is​ a​ time to​ rest after all the​ wedding- related stress; it​ is​ a​ time to​ enjoy the​ company of​ each other away from the​ peering eyes of​ friends and​ relatives. it​ is​ a​ time for​ the​ couple to​ get to​ know each other better and​ intimately.

While majority of​ couples want their honeymoon to​ be wonderful, there is​ always the​ financial aspect that they have to​ contend with. the​ wedding ceremony may be the​ focal point of​ the​ whole preparation but the​ preparation itself requires a​ budget. the​ bride and​ groom and​ the​ entourage has to​ pay for​ their wedding dresses and​ tuxedos. the​ couple has to​ pay for​ the​ wedding services, the​ license, the​ wedding cake, the​ dinner and​ all wedding requirements.

What usually happens is​ that the​ couple spends too much on the​ wedding preparation that they end up having little and​ sometimes no budget for​ the​ honeymoon. But who said a​ couple could not have a​ romantic honeymoon if​ they o not have a​ large budget?

A honeymoon is​ basically already a​ romantic event because it​ is​ the​ time when the​ newly- wedded couple bond with each other. This alone should make the​ honeymoon romantic and​ memorable. of​ course, there are at​ least five ways to​ make honeymoon a​ memorable event, even for​ a​ meager budget.

Every couple should take note of​ these five honeymoon money saving tips so they can have a​ fabulous time on their honeymoon without worrying about large financial requirements.

1. Avail of​ the​ services of​ a​ honeymoon registry so the​ guests will know what you need and​ want as​ a​ wedding gift

Gone are the​ days when a​ couple has to​ suffer in​ silence while opening the​ fifth identical wedding gift they have received; a​ dinnerware set. Through the​ wedding registry, the​ couple can inform the​ guests that they want or​ that they are in​ need of​ a​ honeymoon package. Guests who can afford such package can give them a​ free honeymoon instead of​ giving a​ gift that the​ couple does not need or​ a​ gift that they already have. Some of​ their friends may pool their resources together and​ gift them with a​ honeymoon package. This would mean great savings for​ the​ couple as​ well as​ a​ fabulous and​ free honeymoon.

2. Plan the​ honeymoon ahead of​ time and​ avail of​ promotions offered by resorts as​ early as​ one year away from the​ wedding date

Planning is​ till the​ best way to​ keep your resources intact and​ become more cost effective in​ your expenditures. With proper planning, the​ couple can take advantage of​ honeymoon packages or​ resort promotions offered by resort owners. There are honeymoon destinations that are offering big discounts for​ reservations made ahead of​ time. Some even offer as​ much as​ fifty percent discount for​ couples who book their honeymoon months before their wedding. This is​ to​ ensure the​ future income of​ the​ resorts. By availing of​ these promotions, the​ couple will not only be able to​ save on their finances but will also be able to​ plan their honeymoon itinerary ahead of​ time.

3. Spend your honeymoon in​ a​ fabulous tourist island but take advantage of​ home- stay programs offered by some areas

Some areas offer home- stay programs to​ promote their tourism at​ a​ lower cost. Local governments sometimes promote their tourism by gathering responsible folks and​ training them to​ become home- stay partners. Under this scheme, the​ homes of​ respected locals are accredited by the​ tourism officials and​ they become official tourist h9ome- hotels. Home stay accommodations are generally less expensive than hotels. Availing of​ this package can save the​ couple thousands of​ dollars that would have been spent for​ hotel accommodation alone.

4. Why not try being one with nature and​ go camping for​ your honeymoon instead of​ staying in​ an​ expensive hotel?

Couples who are nature lovers can go backpacking for​ their honeymoon and​ enjoy others company with only the​ moon and​ the​ stars as​ witnesses. His could be the​ best and​ the​ most romantic idea for​ a​ non- expensive honeymoon. Instead of​ paying hundreds of​ dollars for​ hotel accommodations save the​ money for​ other important matters and​ take a​ nice trip to​ a​ deserted island.

5. Timing is​ important so plan your honeymoon, if​ not the​ wedding during off season

Tourist and​ honeymoon facilities offer as​ much as​ fifty percent discount for​ tourists who would visit their establishments during non- peak seasons. Do not time the​ honeymoon with summer or​ other dates when tourists would be flocking to​ the​ islands or​ resorts because this would be very expensive. Visit these areas during the​ off- peak season can mean less cost and​ more privacy.

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