5 Features Your Web Host Must Have

5 Features Your Web Host Must Have
It is​ important that your web host has all the​ greatest features and​ technologies .​
However, you may not be aware of​ what you should look for​ in​ a​ web host .​
They all say they are the​ best, most reliable, etc .​
but how do you decipher who is​ really telling the​ truth? How do you find out what is​ really important when choosing a​ web host? In this article you will find the​ 5 things your web host must have .​
When you are researching a​ web host and​ you come across one that does not have these 5 things just click away to​ find one that does have what you need .​
5 Features Your Web Host Must Have –
1. Greatest Control Panel: the​ control panel is​ the​ place you will be visiting most often, so it​ should be easy to​ use, have all the​ features you need, etc .​
You can find a​ great control panel with cPanel, which provides one of​ the​ best control panel user experiences among all of​ the​ others .​
CPanel offers more than 42 different icons, 50 of​ the​ most used PHP scripts, shopping carts, forums, and​ even a​ WordPress blog – one of​ the​ best blog hosts out there .​
cPanel also provides an​ easy to​ use layout and​ navigation so when you do use it​ you can forget about frustration .​
2. On 24-7: Your web host should be working for​ you around the​ clock .​
This will keep your website up and​ running 99.9% of​ the​ time, and​ the​ server should be able to​ locate and​ repair any problems as​ soon as​ they appear .​
It is​ rare that a​ server could become inactive, but if/when it​ does happen, you do not want it​ to​ happen to​ your website .​
That could mean lost sales, lost visitors, and​ maybe even lost customers for​ life .​
No one wants that .​
The web host should be working all of​ the​ time – no exceptions .​
It should constantly monitor your website at​ least every few minutes for​ problems, check your server load and​ RAM, and​ be able to​ let administrators know immediately so they can instantaneously fix the​ problem .​
Your web host should also provide a​ fire wall to​ keep your website safe from hackers, viruses, and​ anything else that could effect your website .​
3. An Outstanding Server: if​ you want to​ avoid regular problems and​ too much downtime (all that can be avoided) you need to​ find a​ web host with a​ reliable server .​
The web host’s server should have multiple hard drives, good RAM, the​ latest CPUs, the​ best power supply, quality motherboards, a​ great cooling system, and​ a​ testing system for​ all new servers .​
4. Linux Servers: No, you do not need windows servers .​
You should get a​ web host that uses Linux only .​
You don’t need to​ have Linux on your own computer to​ have a​ web host that uses Linux .​
Linux has been shown to​ be more reliable and​ able to​ handle larger loads than other server operating systems .​
It is​ even better at​ virus protection and​ has a​ better uptime than others .​
5. Free Features: Your web host should provide you with a​ variety of​ free features, or​ features that you can use for​ a​ small fee .​
These features should include things that you can use for​ your website such as​ graphics, blogs, paid pages, sub domains, interesting facts to​ add to​ your website, forums, and​ more.
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