5 Essential Elements Of Profitable Sites

What technology tools do successful websites use? Remember that a​ website is​ a​ store front; it’s your customer service rep, delivery guy and your marketing department rolled up into one.

“We are open”
People don’t enter stores that have a​ closed sign at​ the door. (Well some do, but… you know, we talking about the law abiding kind here.) Nothing says ‘Closed” louder on a​ website than old content: old date references and postings. So one of​ the best things you can do is​ to​ get a​ script that keeps the current date front and center for your visitors. You don’t have to​ update it​ everyday – it​ does it​ all by itself.

Now that people think you are home, and open for business, they may inquire about your product. You must have a​ customer service desk. This can take the form of​ a​ form where they fill out their name and email. it​ can be to​ simply subscribe to​ your newsletter or​ they may have a​ specific question. if​ you want to​ have a​ ‘stress-free’ site, try post an​ FAQ section – Frequently Asked Questions. Then one of​ the important things you will want to​ have is​ an​ autoresponder.

An autoresponder will keep your site in​ the mind space of​ your potential clients who have signed up for your newsletter or​ requested more information. it​ will send out preformatted emails at​ defined intervals automatically. Did you know that after 5 emails, the likelihood of​ making a​ sale increases steadily? it​ may seem like you are being intrusive, but they will be able to​ unsubscribe if​ they wish.

Urgency Sells: When you offer limited time offers, you cause people to​ make decisions. You need a​ script that keeps a​ deadline up to​ date on your website. it​ would generate a​ line that looks like this: This offer expires on XX/XX/XX, so act quick!

The Popup Generator - Pop up windows that appear on your web site when a​ visitor enters or​ leaves your web site have been shown to​ dynamically boost subscriber rates and sales. Even if​ you don't have any programming knowledge, you'll be able to​ add a​ popup to​ your site with a​ single click

Tell a​ Friend Generator - No matter what promotional tools you use on your site, no tool is​ a​ match for the power of​ viral marketing. Use this generator to​ create a​ quick, one-step button that you can add to​ your web site that will let your visitors tell their friends about your site with just one click! Add this to​ your site and watch a​ whole new flood of​ targeted traffic come in!

All these types of​ scripts are available for free or​ for a​ small fee online. I suggest that in​ addition to​ these sites, that you visit lots of​ sites you would like to​ emulate and see what they do well, what strategies are particularly effective and find ways to​ incorporate them.

I know even just the little bit above seems overwhelming. Well perhaps a​ mentor, someone who has done all the above and more would be of​ interest to​ you.

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