5 Easy Ways To Make Money On Ebay

5 Easy Ways To Make Money On Ebay

As the​ editor of​ the​ UK Auctionline Newsletter I receive a​ great number of​ e-mails from subscribers. Frequently the​ question they ask is,​ “Please tell me an​ easy way to​ make money on​ eBay.” I suppose the​ answer to​ this question really revolves around how you define the​ term easy.

It is​ my belief that there is​ no easier way to​ make money on​ the​ Internet than by selling items through eBay. What could be simpler,​ a​ straight forward 5 step process.

1. Get something to​ sell.
2. Photograph it,​ and write a​ description.
3. Upload your listing to​ eBay.
4. Collect your money.
5. Dispatch the​ item.

What could be simpler than that?

But I suspect what people are really asking is​ how can I easily get products to​ sell. From my experience this is​ what both newcomers and some experienced eBayers find difficult. So in​ this article I just want to​ highlight 5 very simple ways that you can get products to​ sell without even leaving your computer. This I hope that will be easy enough for everyone.

1. What,​ no photograph?
It is​ my belief that there is​ hardly an​ item listed on​ eBay or​ any of​ the​ other online auctions that does not benefit from having a​ photograph or​ image included in​ the​ listing. in​ fact most items that are listed without a​ photograph that actually sell tend to​ fetch 20% less than those with. in​ some categories the​ figures are even higher. For instance clothing items offered without a​ photograph average a​ 78% lower selling price than those with. So it​ would seem to​ be pretty easy to​ browse eBay looking for these “photo less” items,​ buying them and then relisting with a​ photograph. Money for old rope really.

2. Finding the​ poorly listed item.
There are many reasons why someone’s listing fails to​ attract any worthwhile bids. Bad title,​ short or​ poor description,​ wrong category,​ poor spelling and so on. You can find these by browsing around the​ auction site,​ but I would suggest an​ easier method.

Select the​ categories that you are interested in​ and look down the​ search feature for items finishing within the​ next hour. Here is​ where you will find the​ bargains that have failed to​ attract any bids for the​ reasons we​ have mentioned.

3. Unsocial hours
In any book about eBay you will find tips on​ when is​ the​ best time for auctions to​ finish. the​ most suggested times for most items are Sunday afternoon and evenings and Wednesday evenings. Some experts suggest that for business related items Monday or​ Tuesday during office hours are best. if​ you accept that there are times when you will get increased bids for your items there must also be times when if​ your auction ends you will not do so well. I would think if​ you have an​ auction that finishes between say 5 am and 8 am on​ a​ Monday morning you will not have too many people lurking to​ place last minute bids to​ push the​ price up. Again buy and relist with your auction set to​ finish at​ a​ more sociable time and you could easily make a​ 20% or​ more profit for very little effort.

4. Buy Collections
One of​ the​ easiest ways to​ make money on​ eBay is​ to​ cash in​ on​ other peoples laziness. if​ someone has say a​ collection of​ 10 china dogs,​ it​ is​ a​ fact that if​ they put all ten in​ one listing as​ a​ collection they will get less than if​ they had listed each item separately. But it​ is​ amazing how many sellers cannot be bothered to​ do this. I have in​ the​ past bought such a​ collection and actually made more from one of​ the​ items than I had paid for the​ whole collection.

5. Other online auctions.
Over 95% of​ all online auction sales are on​ eBay. They have the​ largest number of​ registered buyers and items listed for sale. For this reason items offered for sale on​ eBay get the​ best prices. So why not search around some of​ the​ smaller online auctions,​ because in​ many cases items listed with them will not attract such a​ good prices as​ could be achieved on​ eBay. Then all you have to​ do is​ buy from them and relist on​ eBay.

So there are 5 easy ideas for you to​ consider. Why not give some or​ all of​ them a​ try.

5 Easy Ways To Make Money On Ebay

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