40 Million Web Hosting Providers To Choose From

There is​ more then 40 Million web hoisting provider to​ choose from and​ all of​ them are thirsty for​ adding your business to​ their portfolio, in​ this situation how do you identify and​ distinguish the​ best from the​ worse web hosting providers. Below I have highlighted some key point to​ Consider When Choosing a​ Web Hosting Provider.


The security of​ your website is​ the​ most important thing to​ consider once your site goes live, you should be 100% confident that the​ technology that brings your web project to​ life is​ of​ the​ highest caliber and​ extremely secure. if​ you set your website to​ process customer details and​ collect payments via the​ internet then you should consider a​ hosting provider who can provide you with a​ server which has encryption capabilities and​ the​ ability to​ set up a​ dedicated secure server if​ and​ when requested by you.

Server Space

Before you commit your self to​ a​ hosting provider, first consider the​ amount of​ disk space you will need to​ host your website, a​ reasonable amount is​ around 500 MB, to​ 1 GB disk space, which is​ sufficient enough for​ any small business, unless you are planning on running a​ software repository or​ an​ image gallery or​ a​ file sharing website. Web hosting providers offer their customers several hosting packages and​ many of​ the​ packages comes with un-necessary disk space for​ a​ very reasonable price in​ attempt to​ out perform their competitors in​ many cases I found hosting providers are cutting corners to​ bring it​ customers an​ excellent hosting package which only looks good on paper.


The reliability of​ the​ hosting provider is​ crucial. the​ length of​ time they have been in​ business, their percent of​ uptime, reasonable uptime you should expect is​ at​ least 99.5% and​ their backup and​ data retrieval practices and​ policies. Some hosting providers have multiple data centres, and​ some might even give you a​ choice of​ where your server will be at. Ideally, the​ closer the​ server is​ to​ you the​ better, as​ file transfers and​ interaction with the​ server will be at​ faster speeds. This might be a​ good question to​ ask the​ company on the​ phone call above.


Technical support is​ something that should definitely be a​ part of​ a​ web hosting plan. Professional web hosting providers offer customers a​ support ticket system, this support system track all queries made by you and​ will automatically notify you via e-mail or​ SMS when your query get updated. the​ support system also give you access to​ review the​ status of​ any tickets you have raised, set priorities and​ check response times.


No matter what type of​ site you are planning on running, chances are you will eventually need to​ install some type of​ CGI script. Whether it​ be a​ mailing list management script, contact form processor, or​ maybe even a​ fancy credit card processing script, your hosting account will need to​ allow you to​ install and​ run them. This requires access to​ a​ special folder on your server called "CGI-Bin". Some hosting accounts will only allow you to​ use "pre-installed" scripts as​ a​ security measure. These are scripts that the​ owners of​ the​ company have installed and​ configured so that they know that they will work properly and​ not adversely affect their server's performance. That may be all you need, but if​ you have the​ knowledge, it's always nice to​ have the​ ability to​ install your own scripts and​ configure them to​ suit your individual needs. You should also be sure that the​ account you choose supports the​ language in​ which your scripts are written, such as​ PHP, Perl, etc.

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