4 Ways To Feed Your Mind And Manage Your Weight

4 Ways To Feed Your Mind And Manage Your Weight

Successful weight management goes beyond simply what a​ person eats. it​ all comes down to​ their thoughts and feelings. By focusing on​ positive thoughts and emotions,​ a​ person can attract the​ way they would like to​ be. the​ following tools can be used to​ make positive changes,​ such as​ weight management: Affirmations,​ gratitude journal,​ positive suggestions and a​ vision board.

An affirmation is​ a​ statement of​ how a​ person wants to​ be. the​ statement is​ made in​ the​ present tense. it​ could be: “I am happy,​ healthy,​ and at​ my ideal weight”. the​ affirmation can be written down and placed where they would see it​ often (as a​ reminder). the​ affirmation tool works,​ because a​ person becomes however they believe themselves to​ be.

A gratitude journal is​ written in​ each day,​ or​ whenever someone would like to​ improve their emotional state. the​ purpose of​ the​ journal (which can simply be a​ piece of​ paper) is​ to​ write down things that the​ person is​ grateful for. Doing this helps them to​ focus on​ the​ positive things in​ their life,​ which in​ turn makes them feel better. And feeling good helps them to​ attract what they want out of​ life,​ including their ideal weight.

Positive suggestions are positive thoughts that boost self-esteem,​ and help an​ individual to​ achieve their goals,​ such as​ weight management. the​ suggestions can be given by a​ certified hypnotherapist,​ either through a​ CD or​ in​ person. They are usually used when a​ person is​ relaxed,​ and with guided imagery. the​ result is​ that the​ person’s subconscious mind is​ reached,​ which can motivate them to​ make the​ changes they wish to​ make more quickly. Suggestions are often used successfully for weight management.

A vision board can be a​ cork board,​ or​ any area where a​ person can pin,​ glue or​ tape pictures or​ words to​ it. Those pictures or​ words should be about whatever goals that person wishes to​ attain. in​ the​ case of​ weight management,​ it​ may be a​ photo of​ themselves at​ their ideal weight,​ or​ any image or​ words that they can look at​ as​ a​ reminder of​ their goal of​ health and fitness.

All of​ these tools are great ways to​ help an​ individual to​ positively change their thoughts and feelings. in​ doing so they can change their perception of​ themselves,​ and ultimately achieve and maintain their ideal weight.

4 Ways To Feed Your Mind And Manage Your Weight

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