4 Top Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips To Try

4 Top Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips To Try

Search engine optimization (SEO) tips from successful Internet marketers can offer popular means of​ bringing more search engines and people to​ your websites. And more search engines plus more people is​ a​ simple formula for more clicks and sales,​ a​ win-win for online marketers in​ all niches.

So let’s cut to​ the​ chase,​ here are some top SEO tips form those who’ve been there,​ done that,​ with successful results:

1. Select a​ Keyword Rich Domain Name

This may not always be possible in​ many niche markets for the​ more popular keywords. Therefore you​ can focus on​ creating mini-sites that are keyword based. For example,​ if​ your website is​ about web hosting,​ you​ can create mini-sites about web hosting but with a​ lesser known keyword such as​ "low cost web hosting".

2. Choose Search Engine Friendly URLs

Use search engine friendly URLs when possible. you​ want to​ be sure to​ use hyphens and underscores in​ all your URLs and preferably have the​ URLs be the​ keyword that relates to​ the​ page. For example,​ if​ the​ web page is​ about web hosting,​ then the​ URL could be web-hosting or​ web_hosting.

3. Check out your IP Address

For the​ websites you​ believe to​ be most important,​ ensure that they have unique ip addresses for each site. the​ reason this is​ important is​ many sites on​ a​ "shared" hosting service share the​ same ip address. if​ any of​ these sites have been banned by the​ search engines,​ it​ could affect your site's ranking or​ even result in​ your site being banned as​ well,​ since it​ is​ sharing the​ same ip address.

4. Do some Keyword research

It's important to​ do thorough research before deciding what keywords you'll focus on​ when optimizing your website. a​ popular tool you​ can use is​ Good Keywords,​ a​ free keyword research software application.

Give these SEO tips a​ try and check your own results. See what works best for your products and services,​ and then repeat accordingly with new campaigns all year long to​ keep a​ healthy flow of​ traffic,​ clicks and sales coming your way.

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