4 Strategic Tips For Making Money Online More Quickly

4 Strategic Tips For Making Money Online More Quickly

If it​ seems that everybody is​ making boatloads of​ money online and​ you're missing out, fear not.

There's plenty of​ time left for​ you, and​ the​ greatest part about it​ that it's not very difficult.

Strategic Tip #1: Plan to​ work hard.

I know, this goes against everything you hear but deep down you know that nothing worthwhile is​ easy right?

You also know that getting anything done quickly just takes more work.

Even cleaning out the​ garage, yeah you could take your time and​ get it​ done over a​ weeks time, or​ else you could work your butt off and​ have it​ finished and​ be sitting right back down on the​ couch watching your favorite reruns.

To get things done quicker you just have to​ put in​ the​ extra hard work, but when the​ checks start rolling in, all your work will be worthwhile.

By the​ way, if​ you do things right, one of​ the​ beautiful things about the​ internet is​ that the​ work you do today will pay off for​ months and​ hopefully years after.

Just like that clean garage you’ll have.

Strategic tip #2: Find one good teacher.

Let me just emphasize “one”. Bouncing around from teacher to​ teacher, product to​ product is​ the​ biggest mistake that new hopeful internet marketers make.

However, find a​ mentor/teacher that’s reputable. You can go to​ the​ different marketing forums and​ ask around, and​ you’ll get some honest answers. Just beware of​ anyone trying to​ sell themselves. the​ great teachers don’t have to​ do this in​ forums.

Once you find them, stick to​ their strategies and​ you’ll be way better off than most people who are still playing the​ bouncy game.

Some marketers I recommend you follow are:

Jimmy D. Brown
Jim Edwards
John Vallaries
Yanik Silver
John Reese

But just pick one, and​ stick with them.

Strategic Tip #3: Research and​ target a​ hungry niche that’s got as​ little competition as​ possible.

I’m not going to​ say a​ whole lot about this. It’s very basic but not quite easy. Everything will have some competition, which is​ good. This means there’s money to​ be made.

But best thing I can tell you is​ to​ find a​ hungry crowd, and​ feed it. a​ great place to​ start your research is​ Ebay. Also, magazine stands, http://Amazon.com, Froogle. You get the​ picture.

Also Google the​ phrase: “Finding a​ Niche Market”. You’ll be reading for​ days.

Some examples would be:

· Pets (dogs, cats, birds, fish, etc.)
· Finance (credit card debt, mortgage guide)
· Computers (buyers guides, games, software)
· and​ a​ lot of​ success is​ found in​ the​ Health Niche (weight loss, cellulite, diabetes, quit smoking, etc.)

Strategic Tip #4: Pick the​ low hanging fruit.

What does that mean. That means go for​ the​ easiest stuff first.

Here’s what happens. You find a​ teacher who claims to​ be a​ guru. Not knowing since you’re just starting out that they don’t have much more of​ a​ clue than you do, they tell you to​ pick your favorite hobby, write an​ ebook on it, create a​ website with a​ “killer sales page”, and​ you’ll make a​ million bucks before you can say B.S.

Now tell me this, how long is​ it​ going to​ take you to​ write an​ ebook. Most people don’t know how to​ write to​ save themselves, or​ some do, but are so intimidated by the​ thought that they never even start, and​ that ends their online career before it’s ever gotten started.

Or lets say that you did manage to​ choke out an​ ebook. Now you have to​ design the​ website, and​ then and​ here’s the​ hard part…. you have to​ write that “killer sales page”. Neither of​ which is​ anything close to​ easy if​ you’ve never done it.

Yes, you can slap together a​ website fairly quickly these days, that’s true, but the​ sales page is​ where the​ trouble begins. it​ takes years to​ develop that skill just to​ get to​ be mediocre.

So where is​ the​ low hanging fruit then?

Well, there are a​ couple choices. the​ first and​ probably best choice is​ affiliate programs.

Listen; nearly every good niche you can think of​ has an​ ebook written on the​ subject somewhere, the​ best place in​ which to​ look is​ Clickbank. There are thousands of​ products there, which usually offer a​ nice commission, sometimes up to​ 75%, that are just looking for​ someone to​ sell for​ them.

Now here’s the​ kicker. These products all already have a​ nice sales page written and​ all that you have to​ do is​ drive traffic to​ the​ sales page, they close the​ sale, and​ BAM! You get paid. Very simple. Not as​ easy as​ it​ seems, but very simple.

That’s your low hanging fruit.

Strategic Tip # 4 1/2. Resale Rights =Low Hanging Fruit with 100% Commission.

I would be doing you a​ disservice if​ I didn’t mention Resale Rights.

What are Resale Rights Products. This is​ where you simply buy the​ rights to​ sale a​ product that’s already created, and​ usually includes a​ sales page (I wouldn’t recommend buying one that doesn’t if​ you’re just beginning) You then keep all the​ profits.

These days Resale Rights membership sites are popping up all over the​ place. This is​ where you pay a​ small monthly fee, and​ get new products created for​ you every single month.

The great thing about this is​ that most of​ the​ time they do the​ research and​ create the​ products about topics that are in​ high demand.

Sometimes you can even do as​ you please with the​ finished product, chopping it​ up or​ adding to​ it​ to​ make it​ more your own style, and​ to​ ensure there is​ nothing duplicated out there.

These are called Private Label Resale Rights.

You can use this material for​ blogging, creating a​ newsletter, content website, or​ any number of​ things.

The downfall is​ finding quality products but they are definitely out there, it​ just takes time and​ effort to​ search them out.

So, there you have it​ in​ a​ nutshell. Following these tips should put you closer to​ making money online a​ little more quickly.

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