4 Profitable Joint Ventures To Improve Your Ezine Publishing Success

Publishing an​ ezine is​ a​ terrific way to​ promote your products to​ your visitors and achieve more sales.

Your ezine can also be used to​ carry out joint ventures or​ ad swaps that will increase your subscriptions or​ put more money in​ your pocket.

Here's 4 effective swaps that will help you get started right.

1. Swap an​ ad

This is​ the most basic swap that you can participate in, and will create a​ win-win situation as​ both you and your swapper will get your ads in​ front of​ a​ targeted audience.

Some ads you could swap:

1. Top sponsor ads
2. Feature ads
3. Classified ads
4. Solo ads

Choose ezines that offer related content to​ yours, that are informative, and are double opt in.

Also try to​ swap your ad for multiple issues, when you can, because repetition will increase the number of​ new subscribers you get from your ad.

In addition, to​ helping you to​ increase your subscriptions, you can also get more new customers by swapping an​ ad for your business.

Like when you swap an​ ad for your ezine, choose ezines that have subscribers that would be interested in​ what you offer.

Also choose ezines that offer valuable content as​ they'll have a​ higher readership, giving you more eyeballs for your ad.

2. Swap a​ recommendation within your ezine

Because your swapper has readers that presumably already trust her and view her as​ an​ expert in​ her field, your recommendation swaps can be even more successful for you than simply swapping ads.

Use the place in​ your ezines where you talk to​ your subscribers (i.e., your publisher's note) to​ swap your recommendations.

Your swaps could be for your ezines, or​ you could pull in​ more sales by swapping recommendations for each others' products or​ for each other's freebies (i.e., free ebook or​ teleclass).

3. Swap a​ thank you page ad or​ recommendation

Thank you page swaps can be very effective because the people that will see your ad or​ recommendation have just shown themselves to​ be interested in​ an​ ezine related to​ yours by subscribing to​ it.

On your thank you page, you could post 3-5 ads for ezines that your new subscribers might be interested in​ exchange for those ezines doing the same for you and for each other.

You could also simply share the benefits of​ joining another publisher's ezine on this page in​ exchange for that publisher's winning recommendation of​ you.

4. Run a​ recommended ezines section

Choose a​ few targeted ezines to​ join forces with, then place each other's ads in​ this section.

With this swap, you'll be able to​ get your ezine endorsed by several ezine publishers.

You'll also be able to​ get valuable long term promotion of​ your ezine, as​ your ad will be run in​ each of​ your swappers' issues for the life of​ your swap.

Now, you have four profitable ways to​ increase your ezine's success through joint ventures.

Do some networking with other ezine publishers and find some new swappers that you can partner with and effectively increase your subscriptions or​ your sales.

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