4 Powerpacked Techniques To Stimulate Customer Buying

4 Powerpacked Techniques To Stimulate Customer Buying

4 PowerPacked Techniques To Stimulate Customer Buying
What is it​ that gives business life and ​ vitality? Yes, sales. ​
Without sales, our businesses will dry up and ​ die. ​
On the other hand, a​ healthy growth in sales means an increase in profits. ​
Yeah, we business owners spend a​ lot of​ time watching for signs of​ growth, and ​ plotting to make it​ happen. ​
Here are 5 surefire ways to get customers to shell out the bucks before they leave your place of​ business.
1. Tantalize Their Emotions
When was the last time you bought a​ candy bar? Exactly what is it​ about chocolate that makes us waste perfectly good money on something that lasts less than five minutes? Yep, its the feeling of​ satisfaction we feel after weve eaten the sweet morsels. ​

Everything consumers purchase is for one purpose… to satisfy some emotional feeling they are looking for. ​
Dont believe it? Why do we buy cars? …security, to show off, personal satisfaction? Sure, we all want to look good and ​ know that well be able to get where were going safely.
Take advantage of​ the emotional pull purchases have on your customers, and ​ dramatize. ​
Paint word pictures that will enhance to pleasant feelings that come with the purchase you are trying to get them to make. ​

2. Scare The Heck Out of​ Them
What are your customers going to lose if ​ they dont buy your product? No, we dont always have to stick with the pretty pictures that leave us all warm and ​ fuzzy. ​
Fear is as​ effective of​ a​ motivor as​ pleasure… sometimes greater.
Do you have fire alarms installed in your house? a​ dramatic mental picture of​ waking up in the night and ​ not being able to rescue you child isnt at ​ all pretty, but will be much more likely to motivate you to invest in a​ fire alarm system than any pretty picture ever would.
Dont hesitate to use a​ little negative influence if ​ your product calls for it. ​
Many people fear what they could lose more than they get excited about what they could gain.
3. Keep Buying a​ Simple Yes or​ No Choice
Are you planning a​ special sale? Take care to promote only one of​ each type of​ product at ​ a​ time. ​
Decisions can make the buying process more complicated and ​ cost you sales. ​
Yeah, the buyer who cant make up his mind often leaves without taking anything with him… thats money out of​ your pocket!
Do you have several related items you want to offer? Combine them into one package and ​ watch your profit skyrocket!
4. Make it​ Easy To Buy
Several years ago, I ​ found myself spending my lunch hour in a​ long line at ​ the nearby fast food restaurant. ​
After patiently waiting for more than 30 minutes, I ​ placed my order only to discover they didnt accept debit cards. ​
Now, theres no feeling of​ frustration quite like spending the best part of​ your lunch time waiting in line with a​ yammering stomach, only to be denied.
Your customers want to be able to pay in whatever way they choose when they walk to the cash register. ​
if ​ you want to attract the most customers, be sure they can pay using their favorite method.

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