4 Levels Of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

4 Levels Of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

In the realm of​ having to​ do battle with demonic spirits from time to​ time - I believe there are 4 basic levels in​ which a​ Christian may have to​ face. Having the specific knowledge on what each one of​ these levels are all about can really help with planning and carrying out the appropriate battle strategy in​ which to​ defeat them should demons ever move in​ for an​ attack on either you or​ any of​ your close loved ones.

Every time that Jesus told His apostles to​ go out and walk with His anointing to​ save the lost and heal the sick - He always had the command in​ there to​ also cast out demonic spirit where and when needed.

So if​ Jesus was constantly casting out demons, always telling the apostles to​ cast out demons - then it​ should only be logical that the church should continue to​ cast out demons.

It has been estimated by many Bible scholars that approximately 25% of​ the miracles Jesus had performed were Him casting demons out of​ people. Satan and his demons are not confined to​ the Bottomless Pit at​ this time. This event will not happen until Jesus returns back to​ us in​ His second coming. Until that event happens, Satan and his demons are still free to​ roam in​ the "air" seeking who they are going to​ try and devour next.

As Christians, we always have to​ remember that the devil and his demons are already defeated animals. Jesus has already defeated Satan at​ the cross when He was crucified.

What is​ now left is​ that all Christians have to​ realize that the victory is​ already ours. We thus have to​ learn how to​ engage and defeat the devil and his demons when they do try to​ move into a​ person or​ a​ situation - and sometimes this means a​ real live deliverance - because demons can and do attach themselves to​ people when they do move in​ for an​ attack. And once they do, the only way to​ be able to​ drive them out is​ by the power of​ God!

Here are the 4 different ways and avenues that demons can move in​ for an​ attack on someone - whether the person be a​ Christian or​ a​ nonbeliever. There are rules to​ the war games that are going on behind the scenes between God and the devil for all of​ our souls. to​ be forewarned is​ to​ be properly armed.

1. The first level is​ when demons move in​ for an​ attack with no real legal right to​ be able to​ do so. This is​ exactly what happened to​ Jesus when He was out in​ the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. Satan had no legal right to​ be coming after Him, but he did anyway and Jesus drove him away by quoting the Word back to​ him.

2. The second level is​ when demons do have a​ legal right to​ be coming after you. And one of​ the ways that you give demons the legal right to​ be able to​ attack you is​ by crossing over and entering into some of​ the heavier sins and transgressions expressly forbidden by our Lord from His Word.

3. The third level is​ when demons attack as​ a​ result of​ what someone has may have done to​ you. Sometimes victims of​ crimes such as​ rape and assault, or​ receiving severe abuse from a​ parent or​ spouse can cause demons to​ try and move in​ to​ attach to​ the victim - trying to​ feed off the negative emotions of​ hate, anger, unforgiveness and wanting to​ get revenge on the attacker or​ abuser.

4. The fourth level is​ when demons will try and attach to​ someone as​ a​ result of​ a​ generational curse line coming from a​ severe sinning, dysfunctional parent or​ parents. For instance, an​ alcoholic father can end up producing children who end up becoming alcoholic themselves. Demons will attempt to​ jump and transfer from the father onto some of​ the children trying to​ get them to​ commit the same type of​ sin their parent had been committing.

As Christians, we have to​ have knowledge of​ our enemies and how they will try and attack us. Many Christians are getting defeated or​ taken home too early from this life as​ a​ result of​ not having some basic 101 knowledge in​ spiritual warfare.

Article written by Michael Bradley of​ Bible Knowledge Ministies. You can learn more from his Bible teaching website with over 150 free bible articles.

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