4 Easy Steps For Online Money

4 Easy Steps For Online Money

Do you like to​ generate some quick cash? Stop searching for​ information about making money online. There are many different ways to​ male money online and​ some are more difficult than others. Let’s face it, many people that first come online and​ find out they could make a​ few bucks realize really quickly that it's not all that easy.

There are a​ lot of​ sites out there that will let you purchase information that you can use to​ learn how to​ make money using the​ Web. Each site promotes a​ different way of​ making money online. Some may talk about affiliate marketing, others discuss how to​ use their blogs or​ the​ power of​ Web 2.0 and​ yet others review how to​ use AdSense and​ PPC (pay per click) to​ boost their business.

In all cases, the​ new and​ aspiring Internet marketer is​ confused, lost and​ all too quickly fed up and​ frustrated after just a​ short time and​ most likely a​ ton of​ money they feel was thrown out the​ window.

And yet, making money online doesn’t have to​ be difficult, you don’t even have to​ have a​ website, your own products are not needed and​ you don’t have to​ run a​ massive affiliate program of​ your own to​ at​ least make some money to​ help you get started and​ you can quickly plug that hole in​ your wallet where all those precious dollars have been falling out of.

One of​ the​ simplest and​ quickest ways to​ get started generating some revenue online is​ to​ use articles coupled with affiliate marketing.

Here’s a​ simple guide to​ help you get started:

1. Head over to​ Clickbank (search for​ clickbank using Google) and​ take a​ look at​ the​ many products waiting for​ you to​ promote them.

There are a​ few things you might want to​ look at​ while you are browsing around the​ Clickbank marketplace. Clickbank has a​ pretty good guide that will tell you how to​ differentiate between products that are performing well and​ those that are bombing.

Here’s one simple tip to​ keep in​ mind as​ well. as​ you look through the​ pitch pages, think to​ yourself for​ just a​ moment, if​ I were interested in​ this product, does this page even grab my attention? Would you be likely to​ purchase what you saw?

Once you have picked out a​ couple of​ products you really like, consider purchasing them so you can provide high-quality reviews of​ them.

If the​ budget is​ tight, that sometimes isn’t an​ option, so you will have to​ make note of​ the​ features, benefits and​ any other important information you got from the​ sales page.

2. Write one article. Yes, that’s it. Write one simple article that features some of​ the​ key benefits of​ the​ product you will be promoting. Keep it​ simple and​ don't make it​ look like a​ sales page.

For example, if​ the​ product you plan to​ promote is​ about Planning Your Wedding, you could write your article based on "The Top Seven Things to​ Keep in​ Mind When Planning Your Wedding" and​ then list the​ seven things from the​ sales page that are related, such as​ Choosing the​ Location for​ Your Reception, How to​ Avoid Relatives Embarrassing You, How to​ Keep Your Bridesmaids From Looking Like Clowns.

Whatever the​ information you found, write it​ out in​ a​ bullet point list and​ then add a​ few short sentences to​ each bullet point. it​ doesn’t have to​ be fancy, short and​ sweet works better. for​ example, if​ you are working on Choosing the​ Location for​ Your Reception, you could add a​ sentence or​ two about the​ things to​ keep in​ mind if​ you are planning an​ outdoor reception.

3. Use the​ Resource Box. if​ you go look at​ some of​ the​ popular article directories, such as​ eZineArticles, you will find at​ the​ bottom of​ each article a​ section known as​ the​ Resource Box, also called About the​ Author.

This is​ your place to​ shine. Your article was to​ the​ point, without any sales pitches, but now in​ this last part you are free to​ tell a​ little about yourself and​ if​ you have a​ website you can add a​ link there too. You can also suggest a​ helpful solution that could further assist the​ reader with the​ challenges of​ planning their own wedding.

Keep in​ mind that you only have a​ few lines for​ the​ resource box, so you will definitely have to​ rewrite it​ a​ few times just so you can tweak it​ and​ get it​ just the​ way you want it. Ultimately, the​ goal is​ to​ have the​ reader click the​ link at​ the​ end of​ your article and​ purchase the​ product you are promoting. So make it​ straight to​ the​ point. a​ simple and​ yet effective example might be: "For more helpful information as​ well as​ awesome ways to​ save hundreds if​ not thousands on your wedding visit youraffiliatelink today".

Again, you don’t want it​ to​ be fancy, but your call to​ action has to​ make sure the​ reader has no choice but to​ click the​ link and​ hopefully the​ sales page you are referring them to​ is​ good enough to​ close the​ deal and​ earn you some referral commissions.

4. Use Article Directories. if​ you go to​ Google and​ type in​ Article Directory, you will find hundreds of​ different websites where you can submit your article for​ inclusion. There are other ways to​ spread the​ word about your new article, but directories are a​ quick and​ easy way to​ get the​ word out there and​ they are all quite easy to​ use.

Just search for​ the​ article directories and​ then submit your new article to​ as​ many as​ you can. if​ possible, try to​ submit it​ to​ at​ least 20 or​ 30, but the​ more the​ better.

What will happen is​ that webmasters, bloggers and​ newsletter publishers that search through these directories will come across your article and​ if​ it’s a​ good match for​ their readers and​ visitors they will be inclined to​ post your article on their website, or​ publish it​ in​ their newsletter and​ they will include your Resource Box, along with the​ link to​ the​ product you are promoting.

This has the​ potential to​ get your article very quickly on thousands of​ websites, in​ front of​ tons of​ newsletter readers. You don't have to​ spend a​ single penny for​ all this exposure and​ advertising, you don't have to​ have your own fancy website or​ subscriber opt-in list and​ you don't have to​ create your own product.

This same method has been used for​ quite some time very successfully and​ has in​ many cases returned more than just a​ few hundred bucks within a​ couple of​ weeks. in​ some cases, a​ single article has returned over a​ thousand dollars in​ a​ month and​ the​ best part is​ that your article will continue to​ be out there, week after week for​ others to​ see, click your link and​ order the​ product, making you more commissions.

The final thing to​ help you get started is​ when you’ve gotten this far congratulate yourself. You have done more than many of​ the​ people "day-dreaming" of​ making it​ online; you’ve actually done something about it. Now get back over to​ Clickbank and​ find yourself another product to​ promote, start back at​ step 1 and​ have fun making money.

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