3rd Edtion New Ground In Online Money Making Strategies

3rd Edtion New Ground In Online Money Making Strategies

Joel Comm, the​ Internet Marketing guru, has developed and​ refined one of​ today’s most well-known and​ revolutionary industry books, ‘What Google Never Told You About: Making Money with AdSense’. in​ his highly sought-after third edition, fully beefed up, updated with the​ latest techniques and​ expanded to​ include even more money-making AdSense techniques than ever before, Comm gives us the​ architecture and​ toolbox every to-be online entrepreneur and​ Internet Marketer requires to​ truly prosper.

He begins his book with the​ basics, a​ refresher course for​ more experienced AdSense users and​ an​ outstanding core foundation for​ those just beginning. He speaks clearly and​ understandably, avoiding highly technical jargon and​ defining terms in​ the​ books comprehensive glossary. He explores techniques anyone can use to​ launch an​ unlimited stream of​ cash with no money down, no experience, no inventory and​ minimal time investment.

Readers acquire a​ thorough understanding of​ website development, profitable domain naming, web hosting, content creation and​ search engine optimization. in​ his book, Comm also demystifies the​ lucrative world of​ blogging and​ how anyone can use this new medium to​ make money working from their home, office or​ abroad. He explains, in​ easy to​ understand language, the​ secrets to​ profits, what makes some websites sell and​ others falter right down to​ fine details like the​ colors and​ link locations on a​ page.

In addition to​ offering guidance on what you should do, Comm also explores frequent pitfalls and​ mistakes both new AdSense users and​ seasoned professionals need to​ know. He discloses the​ biggest (and often costly) mistakes AdSense publishers fall into, along with practical ways to​ avoid them. His techniques, followed step-by-step, can help anyone earn significant advertising revenue online.

Comm leaves some of​ the​ most powerful information geared toward established AdSense Internet Marketers for​ his chapter on troubleshooting. This chapter dispels the​ myths and​ sheds light on common obstacles faced in​ ad publishing. Through years of​ experience, Comm is​ able to​ rectify why publishers might be getting low revenues, traffic levels, clickthrough rates and​ click prices. He shows why too many public service ads may be running through your ad stream and​ why ads may have a​ low relevance to​ your page. Each chapter, page and​ lesson is​ powerful as​ a​ whole or​ individually as​ a​ reference.

3rd Edtion New Ground In Online Money Making Strategies

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