3000 Roi With The Ultimate List Building Guide Inside The List Review

3000 Roi With The Ultimate List Building Guide Inside The List Review

I started my Internet Marketing adventure by joining WealthyAffiliate.com so that I could learn how to​ do Affiliate Marketing. I was incredibly satisfied with the service! You will see me earn $0 to​ a​ 3 digit amount this month using only 1 campaign and it's a​ campaign I made FOR FUN. Check out the blog link below.

When Kyle and Carson announced the released of​ Inside the List. I was skeptical at​ first because I didn't think that my niche site would generate some cash just by having a​ list. But I tried it​ anyway because I have read free guides on how to​ build a​ list and they were just plain crap. The basics are there but I already know them, what I needed was solid technique and skill, one that can rip out my revenue records in​ a​ month's time.

So I read Inside the List and there, what I found is​ extremely valuable information. Among other things, the strongest feature of​ Inside the List is​ that Kyle and Carson explain the why and the how of​ their techniques. They don't just show it​ to​ you step by step. Yes, there is​ actually solid theory behind the techniques they use.

Now why do you want to​ know that? So that you can apply their techniques in​ any niche regardless if​ you think it's a​ profitable one or​ not!!!

Using one of​ the techniques in​ Inside the List (adding value to​ consumers before anything else--the gist), I made 8 sales at​ $68 dollars each in​ ONE of​ my niches which is​ Golf related. Let me tell you that I never expected them to​ follow my recommendations and actually buy Golf clubs through my affiliate link! I posted some links for them to​ check out because I think those golf club prices were great deals. And the best part is, I just ran a​ test Adwords campaign that redirected to​ a​ squeeze page for one week and collected email addresses.

Why 1 week? Because I budgeted only $15 for this campaign and I maxed it​ out in​ 5 days with 140+ sign-ups.

Here are the numbers of​ my Inside the List experiment:

Sales: $544
Expenses: $15
Profit: $529

That's a​ 3427% return on investment!!!

Final thoughts

All in​ all my Inside the List experiment which brought about this Inside The List review was a​ great success. I'm sharing this with you because I'm extremely happy with the results and I'm going to​ apply this to​ my other niche site which is​ related to​ bodybuilding.

If you're making money already great... if​ you have a​ list.. great... Inside the List will help you get those sales up in​ no time. if​ you don't know how to​ build a​ list or​ what a​ list is​ then GREAT. You'll definitely benefit from reading this ebook

Don't make the same mistake I did, you might be losing on profits by not making a​ list and using effective techniques at​ that.

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