3 Ways To Inspire A Love Of Reading In Your Children

3 Ways To Inspire A Love Of Reading In Your Children

If your child is​ showing little interest in​ reading, there is​ hope. Sometimes moms and dads have to​ get sneaky, but you can still turn your child into a​ reader, even if​ he is​ reluctant about it.

1. The Early Bedtime trick.
One of​ my favorite ways to​ get my kids to​ read is​ something they hopefully will not figure out until they have kids of​ their own. Two words “Early Bedtime”.

You might be wondering how an​ increase in​ sleep can help your child to​ spend more time reading. Well, here's the trick. Set their bedtime for 45 minutes to​ an​ hour before they need their lights out.

Here's how our bedtime routine goes. The kids brush teeth and use the bathroom. Then I read them their stories. This is​ all done before their official bedtime. Then, I simply give them an​ option. I say “It's time for bed, now. Would you like lights out or​ would you like to​ stay up and read for a​ bit?”

Unless they are really tired, they'll always choose to​ read awhile. I do not have to​ beg nor manipulate them into reading. in​ fact, they think it's their idea and they have grown to​ love their chance for a​ 'late' bedtime. Then, I back off. I don't try to​ instruct them in​ any way, nor help them choose books. This is​ their time. They can choose whichever book they like and look at​ it​ however they like until I come in​ to​ kiss them goodnight and turn their lights out. of​ course, if​ they want me to​ stay and listen to​ them read, I'm more than happy to​ comply. Try it. it​ works.

2. Summer reading incentives.
You can sign up for a​ summer reading program at​ pretty much any library in​ the country. if​ your local library does not have a​ summer reading program, then create one at​ home, with rewards for reading books. You can use a​ Monopoly (or Life) board and allow your child to​ move one space for each book he reads. or​ if​ you want to​ have more fun, let him roll the dice each time he reads a​ book and have prizes available for passing certain points.

Make sure the rewards are something very desirable. if​ your child values time with you more than toys, then set a​ date together doing his favorite thing. if​ he values a​ certain toy, let him earn it. or​ let him earn a​ chance to​ get out of​ his regular chores. Take him to​ his favorite restaurant. Just have fun with it​ and he will, too.

3. Read the book before you can see the movie.
This is​ a​ standard in​ our home. We won't go see any movie until we've read the book. Whether my husband and I read the book to​ the kids or​ they read it​ alone, each member of​ the family can go see the movie after the book is​ read. So, if​ your child is​ looking forward to​ seeing the next Chronicles of​ Narnia movie, the next Harry Potter movie or​ the next Lemony Snicket movie, they'll have to​ read the book first.

That’s it. Three easy ways to​ turn your child into a​ reader for life.

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