3 Traits Of Quality SEO Web Design

3 Traits Of Quality SEO Web Design

When it​ comes to​ web design,​ there are so amazing designers out there. Most web designers are very creative and have a​ strong artistic background. They are able to​ use their artistic talents to​ create layouts that are guaranteed to​ catch the​ eye of​ your visitors. Unfortunately,​ there is​ one major thing that most web designers are missing. the​ majority of​ web designers are not familiar with the​ concepts and implementation of​ search engine optimization techniques. Even if​ a​ web designer has at​ least some basic knowledge of​ SEO,​ the​ majority do not worry about implementing search engine optimization strategies into their designs.

While this may seem like a​ trivial detail,​ it​ can actually be the​ root of​ some major problems. No matter how attractive your web site is,​ if​ it​ is​ not indexed by the​ major search engines,​ the​ traffic it​ receives is​ going to​ be minimal. Once you​ realize this is​ happening,​ you​ are going to​ have to​ hire someone with SEO knowledge to​ fix your layout. Therefore,​ you​ may end up paying double for something that should have been done the​ first time around. Whether you​ are a​ web designer or​ someone getting ready to​ hire a​ web designer,​ here are three traits of​ quality SEO web design:

Usability: as​ a​ general rule of​ thumb,​ if​ the​ design of​ a​ web site makes it​ easy for your human visitors to​ navigate,​ it​ will also be relatively easy for search engine robots to​ access,​ crawl and index your web site. Making your site user (and search engine) friendly includes minimizing (or completely eliminating) things such as​ Flash,​ Javascript navigation and layouts designed with tables. By designing with usability in​ mind,​ you​ can be sure that your visitors and the​ search engines will be happy with your web site.

Avoid Being Sneaky: Because web designers are generally very creative people,​ they like to​ push the​ envelope when it​ comes to​ designing web sites. Although this mentality can result in​ some truly amazing web layouts,​ it​ can also cause problems if​ taken too far. When creating a​ web site layout,​ it​ is​ important to​ keep the​ web master guidelines of​ search engines like Google in​ mind. Incorporating things like hidden text into your designs is​ a​ sure way to​ get penalized (or de-indexed) by search engines. it​ is​ ok to​ push the​ envelope with your designs,​ but just make sure that you​ avoid doing anything that the​ search engines tell you​ not to​ do.

Onpage SEO: Although this is​ the​ last item on​ the​ list,​ it​ is​ actually the​ most important. On-page SEO is​ the​ basis for quality SEO web design. it​ is​ vital that properly implement things such as​ title,​ meta,​ H1 and H2 tags,​ along with internal linking and the​ other key components of​ on-page search engine optimization. Taking the​ time to​ employ these practices will make a​ significant difference in​ where your web site ranks in​ the​ search engines.

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