3 Simple Strategies For Never Losing Out Again

3 Simple Strategies For Never Losing Out Again

Life is​ full of​ ups and​ downs and​ sometimes has a​ few sideways thrown in​ too. When things go wrong or​ don’t go as​ planned, or​ when something happens to​ throw us off balance and​ doubt ourselves it​ can be tough to​ deal with. After all, we all want things to​ go well and​ to​ end up as​ ‘winners’. But life will always throw challenges at​ us, and​ we can’t control everything. Nor should we try. It’s not what happens to​ you but what you do with what happens to​ you that makes the​ difference. Here are three easy ways that you can always come out on top.

1. Focus on Your Strengths

We’re a​ bunch of​ contradictions – sorry to​ break it​ to​ you. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad; sometimes hopeful, sometimes pessimistic; sometimes childish and​ sometimes mature. We also have a​ whole load of​ strengths and​ weaknesses that affect what we do and​ how we do it, but tend to​ put more focus on our weaknesses and​ not our strengths.

A strength is​ something that you do consistently well or​ at​ a​ near-perfect level of​ performance – it’s something you’re just able to​ do, you’re hard-wired to​ do it​ well and​ you get an​ inherent satisfaction from doing it. it​ could be tackling and​ solving complex problems, empathising with people, having a​ lively imagination or​ being able to​ make the​ perfect omelette.

Focusing on what you do well rather than what you’re not so good at​ makes all kinds of​ sense. When you look at​ what you’re not good at​ you feel bad about yourself and​ your ability, but when you focus on and​ play to​ your strengths you’re guaranteed to​ get results, and​ can even eliminate any negative effect your weaknesses might have.

There was a​ guy I worked with who hated public speaking and​ recognised that it​ was one of​ his weaknesses. He worked as​ an​ advertising executive and​ as​ he climbed the​ ladder he found he had to​ do more and​ more presentations – he’d stutter, freeze, forget his point and​ not perform at​ his best at​ all. But when we focused on his strengths we found that he had amazing social skills, an​ ability to​ establish great rapport with people in​ no time at​ all and​ had a​ fantastic sense of​ humour. Using those strengths he was able to​ connect easily with each person in​ his audience, enjoy himself a​ whole lot more and​ to​ deliver presentations that had fun, humour and​ warmth in​ them. He used his strengths to​ overwhelm his weaknesses and​ went from strength to​ strength himself.

2. Set Things Up Ahead of​ Time

Sure, there will be times when you can just head into something, do brilliantly at​ it​ and​ get the​ result you were hoping for​ (normally if​ you’re playing to​ your strengths), but other times you might blunder forwards, wing it​ and​ not get the​ result you wanted. Whatever challenges or​ opportunities you’re facing you’ll stand a​ much better chance of​ getting a​ great result if​ you set things up to​ succeed ahead of​ time.

So what exactly do you want to​ happen? What solution, outcome or​ result would be great? Get really clear on the​ outcome you want from what’s facing you and​ how it​ would feel to​ get the​ outcome you’re looking for. Then start breaking it​ down – what can you do to​ set things up so that your desired outcome happens? What needs to​ be put in​ place? What will help to​ make what you want to​ happen, happen? and​ to​ ensure the​ best outcome, what are you willing to​ do?

Whatever faces you, it’s possible to​ get the​ result you want by being crystal clear about the​ kind of​ result you want and​ by putting effort into setting things up so that it​ happens. Look at​ this way – you’re infinitely more likely to​ get your most wanted result by putting time or​ effort into setting things up ahead of​ time than if​ you don’t. Your choice.

3. There’s No Such Thing as​ Losing Anyway

What’s life all about, really? Getting a​ good job, getting married, feeling valued, having fun? It’s about different things to​ different people, but to​ boil it​ down I think it’s about doing the​ best we can to​ have, do and​ be the​ best for​ ourselves and​ those we care about. Sometimes it’s a​ struggle and​ sometimes it’s a​ joy, but what is​ constant through it​ all is​ our capacity to​ learn, develop and​ grow. Humans have an​ unparalleled ability to​ learn and​ adapt, which is​ exactly why we’re able to​ do the​ best we can and​ find ways to​ have, do and​ be more.

That’s why everything you do takes you one step forwards and​ it’s only by doing one thing, then another and​ another that the​ most astounding things in​ our world came about. as​ Thomas Edison said while he was on his 207th prototype for​ the​ electric light bulb - 'I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is​ another step forward.' He's absolutely right – everything you do that doesn’t work out is​ another tick in​ another box and​ another step forwards, because you know one more way not to​ do something and​ what not to​ do next time. You’ll never get to​ 100% without going from 1% to​ 99% first.

In all that you do, whether it​ turns out how you wanted it​ to​ or​ not, there’s the​ capacity for​ learning. That means that it’s all part of​ the​ process and​ everything that you do and​ learn is​ an​ important step forwards.

There’s no such thing as​ losing, only learning and​ growing. So here’s to​ your continued success!"

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