3 Simple But Powerful Off Line Advertising Strategies 10 Classic E Zine
Advertising Tips

3 Simple But Powerful Off Line Advertising Strategies 10 Classic E Zine Advertising Tips

3 Simple But Powerful Off-Line Advertising Strategies & 10 Classic E-zine Advertising Tips.
There are several ways to​ advertise and​ get the​ word out about your business online and​ the​ best of​ them include free search engines, pay per click search engines, writing articles, utilizing press releases, doing joint ventures/ad co-ops, and​ posting to​ message boards and​ forums related to​ your target market .​
But one advertising method that's neglected by most online marketers is​ off-line advertising .​
There are several low/no cost ways to​ advertise off-line and​ I​ want to​ share 3 of​ them with you .​
1) Business Cards
If you are serious about your business you must have business cards .​
They are cheap and​ are a​ great way to​ attract potential prospects or​ customers .​
Simply hand them out to​ people who you feel may be interested in​ your business .​
Also, whenever I​ visit a​ restaurant, bar, or​ club, I'll leave my business cards in​ all of​ the​ bathroom stalls .​
(Just make sure nobody is​ in​ there of​ course.. .​
And don't laugh at​ this! It really works .​
When I​ visit the​ bathroom an​ hour or​ two later, I'll find that all of​ my business cards are gone and​ I'll have a​ fresh new set of​ sales the​ very next day .​
2) Flyers
With today's technology, flyers are very easy to​ make .​
You can simply design a​ flyer online and​ just print it​ out and​ make copies .​
Then you can post them in​ area businesses where you feel your potential customers may hang out .​
(Just make sure you ask permission from the​ business owner.)
Or simply hand out your flyers to​ people you meet on the​ street .​
Many bars and​ clubs don't have a​ problem with posting flyers in​ their establishments either, especially if​ you are a​ patron .​
And don't forget about supermarkets! Many have bulletin boards, at​ least here in​ New Jersey where I​ live, and​ you can post your flyer there .​
There are hundreds of​ people walking into supermarkets everyday and​ they are in​ a​ buying mentality .​
Take advantage of​ it​ and​ post your flyers often .​
3) Automobile Advertising
What.. .​
? Yes you read that right! Your car is​ not only a​ driving vehicle but a​ great advertising vehicle as​ well .​
You can stick magnetic signs or​ plates on your car with your company name and/or domain name for​ all to​ see .​
Your business can be exposed to​ hundreds, if​ not thousands of​ people every day whether your car is​ parked, you are driving, or​ even when you are stuck in​ traffic .​
It's fairly inexpensive and​ a​ great way to​ drive home your message .​
10 Classic E-zine Advertising Tips
1 .​
Target your advertising.
The more targeted the​ e-zine is​ for​ your offer, the​ greater your response will be for​ your proven ad.
2 .​
Track your ads.
Don't leave your ad campaigns to​ guesswork .​
Use ad tracking to​ show you exactly which e-zines and​ ads are most profitable.
3 .​
Run your ad for​ multiple issues.
You'll get a​ better response, and​ possibly save money as​ many publishers offer special deals on bulk advertising.
4 .​
Spend lots of​ time writing your headline.
An effective headline will successfully grab your reader's attention and​ target your audience.
Your winning headline will also get people to​ read the​ rest of​ your ad, leading to​ more traffic and​ sales.
5 .​
Don't try to​ sell your product from your ad.
Write your ads to​ create interest and​ get people to​ visit your site.
From here, your powerful sales page will do the​ selling for​ you, and​ you'll be able to​ get people to​ join your e-zine or​ mailing list for​ successful follow up.
6 .​
Don't use all caps in​ your headline.
You'll appear like your yelling at​ your reader, and​ your ad will come off as​ amateurish.
7 .​
Include a​ call to​ action.
At the​ end of​ your e-zine ads, include a​ call to​ action that tells your reader what you want them to​ do next (i.e., visit your site or​ subscribe to​ your e-zine).
8 .​
Don't be cute or​ funny with your ad.
You might put your reader in​ a​ good mood, but don't count on that translating into more visits to​ your site or​ more sales.
9 .​
Offer something for​ free.
Provide an​ incentive for​ visiting your site such as​ a​ free eBook, sample chapter, or​ trial.
10 .​
Subscribe to​ or​ view the​ archives of​ the
e-zines you would like to​ advertise in.
You'll be able to​ see the​ quality of​ the​ content provided, how many ads are published in​ each issue, and​ you'll get a​ good idea of​ the​ products those readers are interested in​ by the​ ads being run.

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