3 Reasons Why The Copy You Hate Will Bring Profits You Love

3 Reasons Why The Copy You Hate Will Bring Profits You Love
Every copywriters nightmare. ​
We write beautiful copy for a​ client, who takes one look and ​ says, You cant be serious! This is too salesy...or too simple...or too different...
And Im reminded of​ the days, many years ago, when I ​ volunteered as​ a​ Pet Adoption Counselor with the San Francisco SPCA. ​
Looking back, I ​ must have been training for what I ​ do now. ​
I ​ had lots of​ enthusiasm. ​
People often teased, You’re selling cats! Sure enough, many visitors went up with a​ crate holding a​ furry bundle of​ joy. ​

Our Volunteer Coordinator kept reminding us, Don’t judge the visitors. ​
You’re not going home with this person. ​
The adopter who drives you crazy may be the best thing that ever happened to a​ dog.
And copy works the same way. ​
We don’t judge our friends the way their dogs and ​ cats do. ​
And we don’t read our copy like our own customers. ​

I tell my own clients, You may not like this copy. ​
But you’re not the target market, even if ​ you think you resemble your clients. ​

Here are 3 reasons why.
1. ​
Customers live on a​ different planet.
If you hang around the Internet, you develop a​ unique lifestyle. ​
For instance, some of​ my best friends are people I’ve never met. ​
We exchange emails and ​ phone calls for years. ​
My favorite web designer is an American living in Brazil. ​

And you hear the same promises over and ​ over. ​
Bring traffic to your website. ​
Attract all the clients you can handle. ​

But if ​ you’re targeting ordinary people i.e., those who have actually met their best friends in person, many of​ our hohum phrases will seem fresh and ​ exciting. ​

Hypefree marketing? I ​ like that, purred an earthdwelling prospect recently. ​
That’s a​ whole new way of​ looking at ​ marketing. ​

Your world may not be the Internet. ​
Maybe you live fitness, coaching, cooking, or​ finance. ​
But chances are your familiar phrases will seem fresh and ​ exciting to your target market.
2. ​
Customers want to be sold. ​

They know you’re not putting up websites and ​ creating brochures so you’ll feel good and ​ collect gold stars for your Permanent Records. ​

And if ​ they want your service, they’re looking for reasons to say yes. ​
Think of​ all those Madison Avenue ads with the theme, You deserve it. ​
Or, You’re worth it. ​
They’re giving us permission to spend our money. ​

As long as​ you’re tasteful and ​ drum roll meeting their real needs, your customers will actually appreciate learning about what you offer. ​

Recently I ​ was pitching my services to Frank, a​ prospective client who sells fitness services. ​
Hesitantly, I ​ referred him to a​ website I’d written for Tom a​ financial professional who was terrified we were selling way too hard. ​

Frank was impressed. ​
This isn’t the least bit pushy. ​
It’s so warm and ​ friendly! Tom sounds like such a​ nice guy.
We’re still talking. ​
But when Frank sees his own fitness site, I ​ bet he says, Um do you think we’re selling too hard?
3. ​
Customers don’t want to stop and ​ think. ​

Some words and ​ phrases slow us down. ​
For some good examples, pick up your college textbooks and ​ maybe a​ couple of​ academic journals. ​
You’ll see words like moreover, counterintuitive, although, and ​ more. ​
I ​ know. ​
I ​ wrote many. ​

How did you read your college textbooks? I ​ bet you read slowly, made marginal notes and ​ hung on tight to your yellow highlighter pen. ​

Alas, website visitors don’t study our copy the same way. ​
We have to help them create highlights and ​ move along fast. ​

Which gets read more
a Although you can work very hard, you may not see results for a​ long time.
b But you can work really hard and ​ wait forever for results. ​

Bottom Line Expect surprises when you unveil your copy to your clients, especially if ​ you’re new to marketing yourself and ​ your own products. ​
When I ​ first wrote the title Your 21Day Extreme Career Makeover, I ​ cringed Was my site becoming the virtual equivalent of​ a​ used car lot?
But my target market professionals and ​ senior executives started buying. ​
And the rest, as​ they say, is history

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