3 Proven Methods For Turning Away Customers And Losing Money

3 Proven Methods For Turning Away Customers And Losing Money

3 Proven Methods for​ Turning Away Customers and​ Losing Money
Are you your own worst marketing enemy? Hey, I'm sure you wouldn't intentionally turn customers away.. .​
but we all make mistakes .​
In the​ following article you'll find some tried and​ true ways to​ lose sales and​ kiss your profits goodbye!
1 .​
Distract Them
You know what I'm talking about .​
You've been to​ Web pages where there were a​ TON of​ clickable links .​
You start clicking away, get 10 screens open.. .​
and yeah, you forget which is​ the​ original site and​ why the​ heck you were there in​ the​ first place!
This one is​ especially true for​ Internet marketers .​
Let me ask you.. .​
how many clickable links are on your Web page? Don't send your customers to​ other places before you've made a​ sale .​
Once a​ prospect heads out for​ greener pastures, they'll probably never find their way back .​

2 .​
Give Them An Unpleasant Surprise
You've probably made a​ purchase, got set to​ write the​ check and​ discovered extra fees that you weren't counting on paying .​
No one even mentioned them until you were sitting there with pen in​ hand .​
Maybe it​ was that vacation package you've been dreaming about for​ a​ while .​
You're left with a​ choice.. .​
grin and​ bear it, or​ walk off without the​ vacation.
Nothing leaves a​ bad taste in​ a​ customer's mouth like last minute add ons to​ the​ price they pay .​
Yeah, sometimes they go ahead and​ go through with the​ purchase, but next time they'll think twice before they trust you to​ give them the​ real scoop on the​ price.. .​
if​ they ever return .​

Be up front! Are you planning to​ charge shipping? Don't wait until they've already made the​ purchase .​
Let them know right up front .​
When they already know it's part of​ the​ deal, they won't have a​ problem with the​ fees.
3 .​
Confuse Them
Eenie meenie minie moe.. .​
Have you ever been there.. .​
which item is​ the​ better buy and​ the​ right one for​ you? It could be that you walked out without making up your mind, thinking you'd return later .​
But now for​ the​ biggie...Did you make it​ back?
Customers who leave without making the​ purchase are at​ high risk for​ changing their minds about making the​ purchase at​ all .​
That's why it's important to​ keep the​ decision as​ simple as​ possible .​
Make it​ a​ yes or​ no choice and​ you've effectively guaranteed they walk out with the​ item in​ a​ bag .​

The marketing place is​ competitive enough without making things tough on the​ customer .​
These three keys to​ sending customers away, are keys you'll want to​ watch out for​ .​
Don't make the​ mistake of​ wiping out your own profits.

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