3 Innovative Ways To Build An Optin Email List That Stands Above The

3 Innovative Ways To Build An Optin Email List That Stands Above The Crowd

3 Innovative Ways To Build An Optin Email List That Stands Above The Crowd
With so many optin email lists out there, your really need to​ come up with a​ hook to​ attractive subscribers .​
It needs to​ have something special or​ different .​
It could be something you offer inside every newsletter issue, like interviews with experts .​
Or the hook could be a​ unique incentive that website vistors can take advantage of​ immediately when they sign up.
Here are 3 ideas you can use for your own sites, or​ use as​ inspiration to​ get you thinking a​ little outside of​ the box:
-- Build an​ Optin Email List by Creating a​ Private Members Only Site or​ Section --
Create a​ private web site and have people sign up to​ get free, immediate access .​
For example, you could say, Subscribe to​ our free e-zine and get free access to​ our private membership web site! You can choose to​ have them receive a​ username and password every time they want to​ login, or​ you can just provide a​ link to​ the site in​ your welcome email.
Your private members only site can be as​ big or​ as​ small as​ you want .​
Some of​ the things you can include inside are: reports, software, articles, ebooks, etc .​
Inside the site, you can advertise your affiliate programs, as​ well .​
And you can follow-up to​ let them know about updates, new products they might be interested in, the latest news in​ your industry, etc.
-- Build an​ Optin Email List By Giving Subscribers a​ Free, Tangible Gift --
Instead of​ offering a​ free ebook (or a​ whole package of​ them) like most everybody else, promise to​ give your visitors something they can hold in​ their hands if​ they give you their contact information .​
For example, you could say Subscribe today and get our new report mailed to​ you via First Class .​
You could print out your report on standard 8 x 11 sheets of​ paper, fold it​ up, put it​ inside an​ envelope, and mail it​ off .​
Or you can offer a​ tips booklet and mail it​ to​ new subscribers .​
Or you can create your own CD full of​ information targeted toward your market and mail that .​
Or if​ you have a​ wholesale supply of​ a​ product of​ interest to​ your subscribers, then you can send one to​ each new subscriber .​
The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Follow-up possibilities include: articles (your own or​ written by others), tips you pick up, news in​ your niche, reviews of​ products or​ other interested, related websites, etc.
-- Build an​ Optin Email List Through a​ Contest or​ Sweepstakes --
Hold a​ free contest or​ sweepstakes at​ your website where they must give their contact information, including their email address, to​ enter .​
Make the prize something that your niche market will be interested in .​
Otherwise, they'll never want to​ enter .​
If you already have an​ ezine up and running, you could offer free automatic entry for new subscribers .​
For example, you could say, Subscribe to​ our free newsletter and get automatic entry into our contest .​
You'll also want to​ retroactively include current subscribers.
You can announce the winner(s) at​ the end, as​ well as​ send any new contest announcements or​ product announcements .​
Or you can make this an​ ongoing contest, where you give away the same thing to​ one (or more) lucky people every month .​
That way you'll entice many subscribers to​ stay on your list.
You can find niche products to​ give away through wholesalers or​ dropshippers .​
Or you can create it​ yourself .​
One of​ my favorite ways to​ do this is​ create a​ CD-Rom with a​ guide or​ report (or sometimes several) that my niche market will find interesting .​
Once again, you can follow-up with tips, articles, news, new product announcements, or​ just an​ announcement of​ each monthly winner(s).
Hopefully, now I've inspired you to​ take some action or​ encouraged ideas of​ your own with these tips .​
Any idea, the more popular it​ gets, requires you to​ think outside the box every now and then in​ order to​ be effective .​
Building an​ optin email list is​ no different .​
And with newsletters and ezines saturating the Internet day by day, you need to​ offer something a​ little different to​ make them want to​ sign up to​ yours .​
Or you'll just end up getting left behind.

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