3 Effects Of Marijuana On Sexual Health

3 Effects Of Marijuana On Sexual Health

IllEffects of​ Marijuana on​ Sexual Health
Marijuana remains one of​ the​ most abused ​Drug​s especially among the​ youth and has over 200 street names such as​ mary jane,​ weed,​ herb,​ pot,​ ganja,​ hash,​ among others. it​ comes from a​ Cannabis Sativa plant and is​ green or​ brown in​ appearance. the​ ​Drug​ is​ derived from the​ flowers,​ leaves,​ seeds,​ and stems of​ the​ marijuana plant. Marijuana contains over 400 chemicals but the​ main active ingredient is​ delta9tetrahydrocannabinol THC and is​ responsible for the​ ​Drug​s psychoactive and mindaltering effects.
The psychoactive effects of​ marijuana may vary depending on​ the​ route of​ administration,​ or​ in​ simple terms,​ how a​ person uses the​ ​Drug​. High doses of​ this ​Drug​ can cause hallucinations,​ delusions,​ paranoia,​ and anxiety. Longterm users may have decreased interest in​ goals,​ hampered concentration,​ drowsiness,​ and euphoria all of​ which may eventually lead to​ inappropriate decisions,​ poor body coordination,​ and memory loss. Marijuna use may can also bring severe damage to​ the​ lungs,​ impair respiratory functions,​ and ruin sexual health. Marijuana may cause serious damage to​ lungs,​ more serious than cigarettes because it​ is​ inhaled deeply and held for longer periods than cigarettes. Marijuana may interfere with male sexual functions and reproduction by increasing vasodilation in​ the​ genitals and ejaculation problems. it​ may also cause lessening of​ sperm count and degeneration. the​ females,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ may experience suppression of​ the​ ovulation process,​ disruption of​ menstruation cycles,​ and damaged eggs. Excessive use of​ marijuana over extended periods of​ time cause depression,​ loss of​ libido,​ and impotence. the​ effects of​ marijuana is​ associated with lower fertility rates and increased risk of​ producing abnormal embryo.
In addition to​ these effects of​ marijuana abuse,​ there are other parts of​ the​ body that are adversely affected by the​ use of​ marijuana. the​ chemicals found in​ this ​Drug​ have been reported to​ damage the​ brains sensory reactions. High doses of​ marijuana also leads to​ incidences of​ hallucinations,​ delusions,​ paranoia,​ and anxiety.
Blood vessels may also expand due to​ vasodilation and may cause reddening of​ the​ eyes. the​ effects of​ marijuana may be heightened if​ coupled with other street ​Drug​s like cocaine and Lysergic acid Diethylamide LSD.
It is​ never too late to​ break the​ habit,​ or​ more appropriately,​ the​ addiction to​ marijuana. it​ may seem difficult since it​ is​ one of​ the​ most available ​Drug​s that can easily be acquired. Individuals who want to​ quit marijuana use usually experience sleeplessness,​ irritability,​ increased aggression,​ and other withdrawal symptoms. However,​ overcoming the​ addiction and the​ withdrawal symptoms is​ not an impossible task. For some,​ being confined to​ a​ ​Drug​ treatment facility and counselling may be necessary to​ break the​ habit. Studies show that more than 120,​000 individuals will enter a​ ​Drug​ treatment facility to​ aid them in​ their marijuana problems. With the​ right tools and attitude,​ quitting smoking and reducing the​ health effects of​ secondhand smoke can be easier than others think. Understanding illeffects of​ marijuana to​ sexual health and overall wellbeing is​ essential in​ ending the​ said addiction.

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