3 Easy Steps To Get That Perfect Tan Using Self Tanning Sprays

Traditional tanning methods have become less popular these days because of​ major health risks. Because of​ this major finding in​ tanning several companies have provided tanning creams, lotions and​ spray to​ get a​ tanned skin even without the​ help of​ tanning beds or​ the​ sun. Most people prefer this type of​ artificial tanning since there is​ no significant health risk and​ the​ only damage a​ person may get from them is​ if​ their skins are too sensitive and​ the​ application may cause some allergy.

Among these innovations the​ one that is​ gaining the​ most popularity is​ the​ self tanning spray. This easy to​ use product is​ sprayed evenly on the​ skin and​ then all you have to​ do is​ wait for​ it​ to​ dry. Tanning products contain a​ chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This chemical acts an​ agent that triggers the​ amino acids in​ the​ skin to​ produce a​ great tan. Tanning products has been recognized by many as​ safe and​ effective and​ does not produce the​ great risk that traditional and​ tanning beds have. Applying a​ tanning spray is​ pretty easy, but there are some things that you need to​ know to​ achieve that perfect even tan. Here are five things that you should remember when you apply one.

Prepare your skin

Before you apply a​ tanning spray, make sure that your skin can handle the​ formulation. Read the​ instructions carefully and​ then apply a​ small amount of​ the​ spray in​ your body and​ wait for​ any allergic reactions or​ discoloration. in​ this way you can check the​ quality of​ the​ tanning spray and​ you reduce the​ risk of​ hurting your skin.

It is​ best that you remove all the​ dead skin cells in​ your body so that the​ spray will be more effective. the​ reason behind is​ that tanning sprays usually “stick” to​ the​ outer layer of​ your skin. So if​ your dead skin cells are still in​ your body, they will be ones that gets tanned, and​ your tan will not last long. Aside from this, healthy skin cells are very receptive to​ the​ tannig sprays and​ would hold them longer. Scrub your whole body using a​ loofah or​ any other scrub and​ make sure that you exfoliate your whole body especially the​ exposed parts.

Aside from scrubbing your body, be sure to​ apply a​ moisturizer a​ few hours before you apply your tanning spray. This softens your skin and​ it​ becomes more receptive, therefore making your tan last longer and​ absorbing it​ better.

Application strategies

Wear dark clothing because the​ spray sometimes discolors them. Aside from this, make sure that you have a​ pair of​ gloves that you can use to​ avoid discoloration in​ your hands. Although some prefer to​ use their hands to​ evenly apply the​ spray. Just be sure that you wash your hands right away after application to​ avoid further discoloration.

When you start spraying your body be sure to​ apply the​ tanning spray evenly. Prepare a​ towel or​ tissue to​ wipe off drips and​ make sure that you apply the​ spray in​ covered areas like the​ back of​ your ears to​ achieve and​ even color.

Final reminders

Make sure that you have evenly applied the​ spray, and​ make necessary adjustments if​ you find any discoloration. Stand still for​ about a​ minute to​ avoid dripping and​ uneven application. it​ is​ crucial that you do not move especially your joints since these areas can easily remove the​ application. Be sure to​ follow the​ instructions given in​ your kit and​ do not forget to​ apply a​ sun screen when you go out. Most tanning sprays contain a​ sun screen protection formula but it​ is​ best to​ apply it​ separately to​ ensure safety.

These three steps will give you that perfect tan you have been dreaming about. Just be sure to​ follow these reminders and​ all you have to​ do next is​ to​ find that perfect clothing that goes with your new tanned look.

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