3 Common Types Of College Scholarship Grants

3 Common Types Of College Scholarship Grants

For there are several college students that need some help in​ order to​ continue their studies, there are college scholarship grants given to​ those who are in​ need or​ with special talent on a​ certain field.

There are 3 common types of​ scholarships grants awarded to​ college students and soon-to-be college students: athletic scholarship grant, academic scholarship grant, and departmental awards. Each has its criteria to​ consider before awarding the grant. Each also has a​ particular group of​ student to​ target.

Academic Scholarship Grant

This type of​ scholarship grant is​ awarded to​ students who achieve a​ qualified GPA or​ has achieved an​ exceptional academic performance before entering college. This grant is​ usually awarded to​ students who have received honors. it​ is​ sometimes awarded automatically upon entering college or​ university but most schools require application for academic scholarship grants.

Basically, the primary focus of​ schools giving academic scholarship is​ of​ course the academic aspect; however, some colleges and universities base the grant on either merit or​ need, or​ both.

Upon passing an​ academic scholarship grant, the student is​ required to​ maintain a​ ceiling grade. if​ not achieved after the end of​ the term, colleges and universities usually put the student on probationary status until the grades reached the prescribed level. if​ not achieved however, the academic scholarship grand may be terminated.

Athletic Scholarship Grant

If you are on the competitive edge, you get an​ athletic scholarship grant. However, this is​ highly sought after type of​ scholarship and there are many students applying for this.

An athlete of​ course wants to​ go through college for free using this type of​ scholarship. Some even dream to​ finish college as​ an​ athlete. And this dream is​ not far from the realizing. With good personal marketing and exceptional skill in​ any sport, you will be able to​ apply and be granted with this type of​ scholarship.

Departmental Awards

This type of​ scholarship grant aims to​ provide the student with the option to​ stay or​ take up his or​ her studies on a​ particular department. Usually, it​ is​ offered to​ exceptional students with desire to​ take other fields. The departmental awards are given so as​ not to​ keep the students in​ the department. Or, it​ is​ given to​ attract interested students to​ take study at​ a​ particular department.

You can inquire about this type of​ scholarship directly on the department of​ the school.

There are other college scholarship grants that are given to​ students but basically, these three are the ones given by the schools themselves.

3 Common Types Of College Scholarship Grants

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