$24k In 13 Days With Passport To Wealth

$24k In 13 Days With Passport To Wealth

I wanted to​ cover some common questions about a​ new online business opportunity called Passport to​ Wealth and​ how you can use it​ to​ generate a​ serious passive income for​ yourself.

What is​ Passport to​ Wealth?

Passport to​ Wealth is​ an​ online marketing system that is​ designed to​ find people for​ you that are currently interested in​ joining an​ online business opportunity. the​ key to​ the​ Passport to​ Wealth Marketing System is​ that you can join it, set it​ and​ let it​ do the​ work for​ you.

How much can I make with Passport to​ Wealth?

You receive 100% commissions of​ $997 for​ each Passport to​ Wealth sale that is​ made for​ you. I've been making 2-5 sales a​ day and​ the​ money is​ paid directly into my account. We made over $27,000 in​ 3 weeks and​ while we were away on a​ vacation, another $9,000 came in.

What is​ the​ product being sold with Passport to​ Wealth?

You get Instant access to​ over $75,000 worth of​ amazing software, wealth-creation resources and​ an​ e-Learning library. All accessible directly from your own computer. It’s the​ most comprehensive package ever offered in​ one place. Just download, use and​ benefit.

There is​ never any obligation to​ join Passport to​ Wealth. From my discussion with PTW, 47% of​ site visitors that have taken the​ tour will sign-up as​ a​ Passport to​ Wealth member. That's a​ very impressive conversion ratio.

The comprehensive marketing information in​ Passport to​ Wealth is​ what attracted me to​ join. This automated system is​ very unique in​ this impersonal internet age.

""The system sorts, sells and​ closes your prospects for​ you.” - Tim, Colorado

What is​ the​ best strategy to​ use with Passport to​ Wealth?

When I was first looking into Passport to​ Wealth I interviewed 9 different sponsors. I was looking for​ someone that was highly successful and​ would share exactly what they were doing with me. I chose an​ internet marketing expert from Texas and​ he showed me how to​ make sales right away.

To speed-up my results I use a​ system where all I do is​ copy and​ paste ads to​ proven online advertising companies that are all laid out for​ me. This is​ a​ fully automated system that involves no contact from yourself.

For every 100 visits to​ my site I make a​ least one or​ two sales. So for​ a​ low $190 investment I earn between
$3000 and​ $8000.

I'm finding that people want to​ join Passport to​ Wealth with me because I am offering something different. Most PTW members are promoting their standard web page and​ getting 1 or​ 2 sales a​ month. I try to​ add something extra, like this highly lucrative marketing system.

When you join Passport to​ Wealth with me I can set you up with the​ same system I use. at​ the​ end of​ the​ day PTW is​ an​ "easy to​ understand" business. So you don't have to​ learn much once you get started. it​ really depends on your goals and​ how much time you have. Most of​ my group spend about 20 minutes a​ day and​ let the​ system work its magic.

"I went out of​ town for​ 3 days. Today I checked my balance and​ found that I received $4,985! I never spoke to​ any of​ them." - Gina, Canada.

What do I get by joining Passport to​ Wealth with your team?

When you join Passport to​ Wealth with me you will receive the​ step by step approach that I used to​ make $24,000 in​ 13 days. I will also be available via email if​ you need any help or​ support.

I have been making over $30,000 a​ month with Passport since I first joined using the​ exact techniques that I will share with you when you join. How much does Passport to​ Wealth cost to​ join?

The cost to​ get started with Passport to​ Wealth is​ $997 which provides the​ quickest profit timeline. the​ payment plan that PTW offers is​ very interesting. It's called a​ two-up payment plan.

The way it​ works is​ this, the​ first two people that join you in​ PTW are considered your qualifying sales and​ are given to​ your sponsor. From then on each sale will generate $997 for​ you. But this is​ where the​ fun starts...

Because of​ the​ two-up pay plan, the​ first two sales that one of​ your members makes goes to​ you!

So if​ you have 3 members and​ each of​ them makes 2 sales, then you will get 6 sales without lifting a​ finger! That's 6 x $1000 to​ you = $6,000.

If you have 10 members and​ each of​ them makes 2 sales (their qualifying sales), then you will get 20 sales without doing a​ thing. That's 20 x $1000 = $20,000!

So as​ you can see, once your PTW marketing business kicks off, it​ grows from within. and​ that's what I'll help you do when you join Passport to​ Wealth with me: Kick start your PTW business quickly!

“This really is​ as​ simple as​ it​ looks and​ sounds! I got the​ complete P2W program, web fee, marketing system, small advertising budget and​ I’m actually in​ profit within 7 days without having to​ talk to​ anyone?

I was shown the​ exact wording and​ where to​ place my ads so they worked. Thanks.” - Steve, Colorado.

How do I get started?

When you take the​ PTW tour you can see exactly how the​ system will work for​ you and​ look over the​ products at​ the​ same time.

I recommend you sign-in as​ this is​ unique to​ this system from my experience. It's really the​ main ingredient that drew me to​ join Passport to​ Wealth from the​ beginning.

When you enter your name and​ email into the​ form you will instantly have access to​ the​ main site. You will also have a​ chance to​ check out the​ same marketing system that is​ making 2-5 sales a​ day for​ me right now. This is​ the​ system that I'll be giving you when you get started.

So I highly recommend that you sign-in and​ lookover the​ marketing system as​ this will give you an​ idea of​ what's being offered here.

As always I'm available if​ you need to​ contact me. Call me if​ you need anything. (1-212-990-6886)

$24k In 13 Days With Passport To Wealth

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