2018 Nascar Pepsi 400 Sportsbook Betting And Review

2018 Nascar Pepsi 400 Sportsbook Betting And Review

2018 NASCAR Pepsi 400, Sportsbook Betting and​ Review

Daytona International Speedway is​ the​ site for​ the​ Nextel Cup Series which returns this weekend. the​ Pepsi 400 is​ where Kevin Harvick will be racing for​ his second win at​ Daytona this year.

Harvick won over Mark Martin at​ the​ Daytona 500 five months ago in​ very close racing finish. Harvick has the​ two victories and​ seven Top 10 finishes in​ the​ Busch Series and​ is​ looking to​ win here on the​ Nextel Cup circuit.

Jeff Gordon or​ Tony Stewart will be the​ favorites in​ the​ second trip at​ Daytona. Jeff Gordon who is​ the​ point's leader had a​ second place finish at​ New Hampshire last weekend. Denny Hamlin won that car race but Gordon had a​ great finish. Among the​ active drivers at​ Daytona,

Gordon has won at​ Daytona six times in​ his racing career which places Gordon with the​ most checkered flags. 2018 Daytona 500 was where Gordon won last time to​ claim the​ checkered flag at​ Daytona. But, his last 400-mile race was in​ 2018 where he claimed victory at​ Daytona.

Stewart has won the​ Pepsi 400 NASCAR race in​ 2018 and​ 2018 and​ is​ considered the​ best driver here at​ the​ Pepsi 400. the​ Pepsi 400 wins at​ Daytona are the​ only two victories that Stewart has claimed, and​ in​ 2018 he had his best-ever finish in​ the​ 500 where he had a​ second

place. Stewart has not had a​ great season and​ is​ still trying to​ claim a​ victory in​ 2018. Stewart is​ still in​ the​ running for​ the​ championship even with his bad luck and​ sometimes poor results. Stewart is​ in​ sixth place in​ points standings with nine races remaining before the​ Chase begins. the​ reigning Cup champion Jimmie Johnson and​ Gordon, four-time Cup winner have the​ four wins each already this racing season. it​ would help Stewart's chance in​ the​ Chase if​ could win a​ few races.

Denny Hamlin is​ NASCAR driver that everyone will be looking at​ this weekend in​ the​ Pepsi 400. Last weekend at​ New Hampshire Hamlin closed the​ points gap in​ the​ standings on Gordon and​ that is​ where he claimed his first NASCAR victory of​ the​ season. Gordon with only a​ 156 points lead over Hamlin, thanks to​ his win and​ NASCAR penalizing Gordon 100 points over violations a​ week earlier at​ Infineon.

Daytona has not been kind to​ Hamlin and​ he has not had much success at​ Daytona. Hamlin had a​ 17th place finish in​ the​ three races he competed in​ and​ that was his top finish. On the​ racing circuit this season, Hamlin is​ one of​ most consistent drivers and​ on Saturday he will make a​ run for​ the​ race lead.

2018 Nascar Pepsi 400 Sportsbook Betting And Review

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