20 Tips To Cheaper Car Insurance

20 Tips To Cheaper Car Insurance

20 Tips to​ Cheaper Car Insurance
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Buy from the​ internet.Most companies offer a​ discount for online applications as​ this is​ automated process and costs them a​ lot less to​ process your application,​ you​ can usually see discounts of​ 5%-10%.Click here to​ get a​ instant online insurance quote
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Shop around.All insurance companies use different formulas to​ calculate your insurance premium by adding or​ detracting money after each question the​ ask you.By shopping around you​ could find big savings on​ your insurance premium.
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Buy extra products.Most insurance companies also do other insurance products ieBuilding's and content's insurance.Most insurance companies will give extra discounts for purchasing more than one product,​by doing this you​ could save a​ fair amount on​ all your insurance premiums.
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Pay your insurance premium in​ one go.By paying your insurance premium in​ full you​ can avoid paying costly interest charges that would be added if​ you​ paid your insurance premium by instalments.Some insurance companies may charge as​ much as​ 15% APR on​ instalments.You may even receive a​ discount for paying in​ full.If you​ can not afford to​ pay in​ full check out what rate a​ small loan would be you​ may still save some money.Fill out a​ online loan application.
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Increase your voluntary excess.Your excess is​ the​ amount paid by you​ in​ the​ event of​ a​ claim,​by increasing this your insurance company should reduce your premium.
6 .​
Lower your annual mileage.Lowering your annual mileage can reduce your premium,​most insurance companies will quote you​ for around 12,​000 miles a​ year.Try and work out how many mile's you​ will do if​ it's likely to​ be less you​ may get a​ discount.Be honest about this as​ your insurance company may ask to​ see old MOT'S and service history to​ verify your mileage in​ the​ event of​ a​ accident.
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Have a​ Alarm,​Immobiliser or​ Tracker fitted.Theft of​ and from your vehicle play a​ major role in​ the​ calculation of​ your insurance premium.Having a​ alarm or​ immobiliser fitted will give you​ a​ small discount to​ your premium and having a​ tracker fitted could make you​ quite a​ saving.
8 .​
Take the​ advanced driving test.Passing your advanced driving test will show your insurance company that you​ have extra skill when driving and are less likely to​ be involved in​ a​ accident.
9 .​
Don't inflate the​ value of​ your car.Adding extra value to​ your car when you​ apply for your insurance quote will do nothing for you​ apart from increase you​ premium.In the​ event your car is​ stolen or​ written off you​ will only be paid the​ market value of​ your car at​ the​ time of​ your accident.
10.Look after your credit rating.Insurance companies are now looking at​ your credit score as​ part of​ the​ calculation for your insurance premium.Maintaining a​ good credit rating could avoid unnecessary additions to​ your premium.
11 .​
Insure your car Third Party Only.Third party only is​ the​ minimum cover you​ are required to​ have by law it's also the​ cheapest.If your vehicle is​ of​ a​ low value then you​ could consider this type of​ cover.You need to​ remember that with this type of​ cover if​ you​ was to​ have a​ accident that any damage to​ your vehicle would not be covered for repair.
12 .​
Keep a​ clean licenceInsurance companies take driving convictions very seriously and can dramatically increase your car insurance premium,​by maintaining a​ clean licence proves to​ the​ insurance you​ are a​ safe and careful driver.
13 .​
Remove any unnecessary drivers.If you​ have a​ young driver on​ your insurance policy that no longer use's the​ vehicle you​ should remove them as​ this will reduce your premium.
14 .​
Young driver's add a​ older driver.Some insurance companies will reduce young drivers premiums if​ they have a​ older named driver on​ the​ insurance.
15 .​
Build up your no-claims discountOne of​ the​ biggest factors affecting your car insurance premium is​ the​ number of​ years no-claim's discount.You could receive up to​ 75% discount for around 5 years of​ no claims.The more years you​ can stay claim free the​ safer driver your insurance company will see you​ as.
16 .​
Protect your no-claims discount.Although this will increase your insurance premium if​ you​ have a​ lot of​ years of​ no-claims you​ may want to​ protect this as​ a​ small claim may increase your premium by up to​ 75%.
17 .​
Buy a​ lower insurance group car.A very important factor to​ your insurance premium is​ what car you​ drive.Most insurance companies adopt the​ Association Of British Insurance Group Rating.This rates vehicle's from 1 - 20 generally speaking the​ higher the​ group the​ higher the​ premium.By buying a​ car with a​ lower group rating can lower your premium especially for young or​ inexperienced drivers.
18 .​
Join a​ car club.If your vehicle is​ a​ classic or​ specialist consider joining a​ club related to​ your car most clubs offer insurance schemes which have very good premium rates.
19 .​
Put your spouse as​ a​ named driver.Some insurance companies offer discounts when you​ add a​ spouse as​ a​ named driver as​ opposed to​ unmarried couples,​they see marriage as​ a​ sign of​ stability and associate stability with safe driving and there for give you​ a​ discount.
20 .​
Take pass plus.If you​ are a​ new driver consider taking your pass plus.some insurance companies could give you​ as​ much as​ a​ 25% discount and when you​ have just passed your test and have no no-claims this could make a​ considerable saving.

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