2 Businesss You Can Start From Home For Less Than 100

While working from home is​ the​ quintessential American dream,​ financing the​ entrepreneurial spirit has the​ potential to​ quickly turn into the​ prototypical nightmare. After all,​ there is​ equipment to​ be purchased,​ licenses or​ permits to​ be applied for,​ and probably also a​ fair amount of​ advertising that needs to​ be bought and paid for. Some entrepreneurs have resorted to​ desperate acts of​ financial gymnastics,​ but more often than not these are too dangerous to​ contemplate. Yet even in​ light of​ this bleak picture,​ did you know that there are two home based businesses you can start with less than $75?

For example,​ if​ you have a​ talent with needle and thread,​ if​ fabrics are your world,​ and if​ your eye for colors,​ patterns and material rarely steers you wrong,​ then becoming a​ seamstress and freelance fashion designer may be right up your alley! the​ odds are good that you already own a​ sewing machine or​ – if​ you still stitch by hand – a​ well equipped sewing kit. Take $75 and put together a​ professional looking portfolio of​ your work and print up some business cards. Include in​ the​ portfolio pictures of​ your niece’s first communion dress you made,​ your daughter’s holiday outfit,​ the​ dolls’ clothes you might have put together and anything else that you have crafted as​ a​ gift or​ simply in​ your spare time. Shop around this portfolio to​ bridal shops,​ dry cleaners,​ and other places where clothing alterations may be needed. Start a​ website and advertise handmade dolls’ clothing or​ whatever other garments you want to​ make. as​ the​ profits begin coming in,​ gradually upgrade your equipment.

If you cannot tell a​ sewing needle from a​ knitting needle,​ do not fret. if​ you know you way around the​ kitchen,​ you may have a​ promising career as​ a​ caterer ahead of​ you. Begin by catering small events for your friends or​ family. as​ you gain exposure for your business,​ do not plan on​ making a​ lot of​ money right off the​ bat,​ but instead focus on​ having the​ cost of​ the​ food paid for and perhaps make a​ little extra to​ put toward advertising. Prepare beautiful spreads that stand out,​ take copious pictures,​ ask your friends for some quotes of​ praise,​ and put together a​ professional portfolio. Print up business cards and spend $75 to​ advertise in​ local advertising directories. Start out small but try for the​ slightly larger events,​ such as​ wedding receptions,​ the​ church picnic,​ or​ your spouse’s company party. the​ trick to​ this business is​ the​ gradual development of​ a​ clientèle and the​ word of​ mouth advertising that will cause your business to​ grow by leaps and bounds.

Even as​ starting your own home based business may seem complicated and might even appear to​ be out of​ reach,​ remember that by deliberately graduated growth you will have the​ chance to​ make it​ big in​ workable steps – none of​ which will require funds you do not possess!

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