15 Sewing Tips To Save Time And Money

15 Sewing Tips To Save Time And Money

I still remember the​ excitement of​ my first sewing course. I made a​ skirt for​ my young daughter and​ was thrilled everytime she wore it. Since then I have enjoyed collecting sewing hints to​ save time and​ money.

Here are few of​ tips that I would like to​ share with you:

1. Before discarding pants, cut off the​ belt loops and​ use to​ sew on the​ inside of​ children's coats and​ jackets for​ a​ coat loop. No more fallen coats at​ school.

2. Before sewing on buttons, tape each one where it​ belongs with a​ strip of​ transparent tape. After the​ first stitches are made you can remove the​ tape.

3. to​ avoid pinholes when hemming delicate garments, mark the​ hemline with tailor's chalk and​ use clips to​ hold the​ fold in​ place.

4. Prevent future errors in​ sewing by slipping a​ memo into individual patterns explaining any size alterations or​ changes for​ that item.

5. Prevent fraying by reinforcing the​ hems with a​ row of​ zigzag stitching in​ a​ matching or​ contrasting color.

6. Sew a​ large button on each end of​ the​ drawstring on pajamas and​ sweat suits. This will keep the​ string from disappearing.

7. Keep a​ spool of​ clear nylon thread on hand. Because it​ is​ transparent it​ will pick up the​ color of​ the​ fabric. This will also work when a​ bobbin runs out and​ the​ spool is​ almost empty; just put the​ clear thread on your bobbin.

8. Place a​ thin sheet of​ foam rubber under your sewing machine's foot pedal to​ prevent it​ from sliding around when you use it​ on an​ uncarpeted surface.

9. Store a​ magnet in​ your sewing basket to​ attract loose pins and​ attach one to​ your sewing machine to​ hold extra needles. if​ you glue a​ small magnet to​ the​ end of​ a​ wooden yardstick you won't have to​ bend over to​ pick up any pins that fall on the​ floor.

10. Thoroughly washed and​ cleaned mascara brushes can be used to​ clean the​ crevices of​ your sewing machine.

11. When letting down a​ garment hem you can diminish the​ crease by applying white vinegar to​ the​ wrong side of​ the​ fabric and​ steam press it.

12. Try this economical substitute for​ custom-cut table pads: Place a​ quilted mattress cover over your table top and​ trim with scissors for​ a​ custom fit. You'll have a​ sturdy, heat-absorbent table pad to​ protect the​ finish of​ your table.

13. for​ a​ substitute needle threader: push the​ needle through a​ sheet of​ white paper, the​ eye will be easier to​ see.

14. When shopping for​ accessories for​ a​ recent sewing project, staple a​ small fabric sample to​ an​ index card and​ carry it​ with you to​ the​ stores.

15. to​ organize loose buttons: String them on twist ties and​ twist the​ ends together for​ an​ easy way to​ store them.

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