13 Things For Your Child To Do Instead Of Watch Tv

13 Things For Your Child To Do Instead Of Watch Tv

C'mon, admit it. You sometimes use the​ television set as​ a​ cheap babysitter. That's ok...we ALL do it​ sometimes! Ah, but it's a​ double-edged sword, because kids who watch a​ lot of​ TV have trouble keeping themselves entertained, which in​ the​ long run makes your job harder!

If you're trying to​ limit the​ TV viewing in​ your household, you might need a​ little inspiration. Try these TV-free activities guaranteed to​ keep the​ kids busy... at​ least for​ a​ little while!

1) Make paper airplanes
Warning: This one is​ highly addictive! My two boys absolutely love making paper airplanes. Buy them a​ book on the​ fine arts of​ paper airplane making, and​ then put your feet up and​ read a​ book.

2) Make a​ tower with toothpicks and​ peas
Go ahead- encourage them to​ play with their food!

3) Make homemade ice cream
Put two parts milk and​ cream and​ one part sugar in​ a​ coffee can, with any flavorings you want. Put the​ lid on, then put it​ in​ a​ bigger can and​ pour ice around the​ little can. Put rock salt on the​ ice. Put a​ lid on the​ big can, and​ give it​ to​ your child to​ roll it​ back and​ forth for​ about 1/2 hour or​ until it​ turns into ice cream! (Do this one even if​ it's winter...I won't tell!)

4) Give them a​ magnet and​ instruct them to​ run it​ all over the​ house and​ see what they find.
And loose couch change is​ fair game!

5) if​ you have bunk beds, put blankets around the​ lower one and​ make a​ submarine. Make it​ a​ yellow blanket. Then sing the​ appropriate Beatles tune.

6) Play First Family Savings and​ Loan
Save your cancelled checks and​ fake credit cards that come in​ the​ mail. Supply the​ kids with a​ calculator, pencils, small table and​ Monopoly money. This one was my favorite as​ a​ kid!

7) Build a​ mini log cabin with twigs

8) Have a​ tic-tac-toe tournament

9) Make your own soda.
Here's an​ easy recipe: http://www.easyfunschool.com/article2052.html

10) Make a​ card for​ Grandma.
Get out the​ rubber stamps, art supplies and​ construction paper and​ make a​ greeting card for​ Grandma or​ another loved one.

11) Bake a​ cake
Buy the​ kids an​ easy cake or​ brownie mix and​ let them loose in​ the​ kitchen. Tell them they can enjoy the​ fruits of​ their labors as​ long as​ they clean up all mess.

12) Make up a​ treasure hunt
Buy cheap dollar store toys. Hide in​ your closet. Make a​ list of​ items they must find outside. (A white rock, a​ feather, a​ red leaf, a​ penny, etc) Tell them an​ exciting booty awaits when they bring all the​ items to​ you.

13) Make a​ cave inside the​ house.
Put old blankets over the​ backs of​ chairs or​ over a​ table to​ make a​ tent. Grab a​ flashlight and​ instruct child to​ go read scary stories inside it.

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