12 Being Professional With Help Desk System And Forums

12 Being Professional With Help Desk System And Forums

Being Professional with Help Desk Systems and​ Forums
You need to​ automate everything if​ you want to​ be successful in​ measuring customer satisfaction .​
Surveying your customers is​ a​ great way of​ measuring customer satisfaction but if​ they take too much time away from other important work, it​ will fall by the​ wayside .​
Automate both your requests for​ completing the​ survey and​ your collection and​ reporting of​ the​ data .​
Some help desk management software will do this for​ you .​
If yours does not, consider customization that will enable it​ -- it's worth the​ investment.
One of​ the​ best ways to​ find out how effective your customers think your help desk or​ forum is, is​ to​ take a​ survey... .​
ask the​ people who actually use the​ help desk or​ forum what they think about it .​
Asking for​ suggestions to​ improve your help desk or​ forum is​ a​ good idea .​
There are many approaches to​ surveying, but some are more effective than others.
Often times membership websites will send a​ customer satisfaction survey of​ their help desk or​ forum to​ their entire list .​
There are several problems with this approach .​
First not everyone surveyed will have used your help desk's services .​
This will either make your percentage of​ responses low or​ add irrelevant responses to​ your data .​
Since you only request this information once in​ a​ while, you will be tempted to​ cram too much information into the​ survey .​
Often these surveys lack focus and​ do not give you a​ clear picture of​ performance.
A better approach to​ help desk or​ forum customer satisfaction measurement is​ case-by-case surveying .​
Each time a​ case is​ closed, meaning the​ problem was resolved and​ the​ resolution was already communicated to​ the​ requester, a​ short survey on the​ case is​ sent to​ the​ requester.
This is​ great information for​ continuous improvement and​ you can review the​ comments provided by your customers.

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