10 Year Growth Or Your Money Back

10 Year Growth Or Your Money Back

10%/year growth or​ your money back
Previously available only to​ a​ private trading group, this EA is​ now publicly
available only from myfxtools.com .​
This EA has been compared to​ other EA's in​
the market and​ outperformed every one of​ them .​
The key to​ success of​ this
system is​ that it​ is​ flexible to​ changing market conditions.
Some of​ Point Break features:
Small trades are continuously added above and​ below the​ opening position.
The system will pyramiding, hedging or​ closing some positions depends which way the​ market moves.
All trades are closed only when a​ net profit is​ reached and​ added to​ your account balance.
Built in​ money management will automatically calculate the​ correct position size for​ your risk level, and​ it​ can be used as​ a​ full automatic trading system or​ use it​ to​ create your own trading system.
The main goal of​ multiple trading strategies is​ to​ make the​ drawdown become
smoother when there is​ choppy market.
Since Point Break version 4, we invented multiple close strategies .​
Beside each
cycle has its own close profit procedure, there is​ additional simultaneous
close technique which close all open positions together on specific rule, this
make the​ close profit target be reached even faster, and​ as​ a​ result the​
expanding drawdown probability become decrease also.
Money Management
The probability is​ that the​ maximum largest expected drawdown is​ about $1,500
(using 0.01 standard lot) with Conservative setting .​
Although it​ is​ not
impossible exceed this drawdown .​
Based on the​ drawdown risk when the​ cycle ranges become expanding, trading more
than 0.01 lot per $5,000 for​ standard account is​ discouraged .​

Fortunately, the​ EA uses automatically money management system that it​ will
increase the​ lot size when the​ profit accumulated .​
For example when the​ EA
start with $10,000, it​ start using 0.02 lots, it​ will increase to​ 0.03 lots
when the​ equity become $15,000.
Average Monthly Return:
5-8% for​ Moderate Strategy (Drawdown Risk: 30% from balance).
10-15% for​ Aggressive Strategy (Drawdown Risk: 50% from balance).
We have the​ utmost confidence in​ the​ EA and​ it​ has been used to​ managed forex
accounts for​ 2 years already .​
This EA is​ available in​ a​ 30-day trial format,
available from our site, and​ we guarantee if​ you dont make 10% a​ year we will refund your money back.

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