10 Ways To Make Reading Fun

10 Ways To Make Reading Fun

Learning to​ read can be a​ challenging adventure for some children. it​ seems that everyone from a​ child's teacher to​ Mom and Dad and even Grandma is​ excited and waiting for the child to​ learn to​ read. All the pressure and expectations from the adults can sure put a​ damper on the excitement for the child. This loss of​ excitement can lead to​ a​ child who loses the desire to​ read. if​ we as​ parents can find ways to​ make reading fun and enjoyable, our children will be more willing to​ sit down and read a​ book together.

Here are a​ few ideas you can do to​ make reading fun for your child.

Popcorn Reading
This is​ a​ fun way for a​ child to​ be able to​ read the words he/she knows and pass on the words that are causing frustration. While reading a​ book together, each of​ you take a​ turn reading aloud. When the one who is​ reading says the word “popcorn”, it​ is​ the other persons turn to​ read.

Reading Buddy
Pair your reader up with an​ older “reading buddy” and have them read a​ book out loud together. We all have had times where an​ explanation of​ something made more sense coming from one of​ our peers or​ a​ sibling. This gives you child the opportunity to​ practice reading without an​ adults watchful eye causing possible nervousness.

Highlight Heaven
Grab an​ older book and a​ highlighter and have your child highlight every word one the page that he/she can read. After all the words your child knows are highlighted on the page, take a​ moment and have your child look and see how many words he/she can actually read. This is​ quite a​ confidence booster.

Flashlight Reading
Before your child is​ too tired at​ the end of​ the day, take some time and read in​ dark room. Take a​ flashlight with you and read the book by flashlight. Little boys especially like this one.

Secret Hideout
What child hasn't built a​ fort at​ one time or​ another? if​ you don't already have a​ fort in​ your house or​ outside in​ the yard, help your child create one. it​ can a​ blanket fort, a​ plywood fort outside, a​ tree house, or​ even a​ simple under to​ bed fort. (Just make sure you both can fit...being able to​ get out once you've gotten in​ is​ helpful too!) Bring your child's favorite reading book, get comfortable and read away.

Reading Corner
Make a​ “reading corner” somewhere in​ your home. Let your child be a​ part of​ decorating it​ and picking just the right spot to​ place it. Add some bean bags or​ pillows, maybe a​ favorite poster on the wall or​ even some family pictures.

Take a​ break and just read to​ your child sometimes
No explanation needed here.

Picture Detective
Have your child flip through a​ book and look at​ all the pictures and tell you what he/she thinks is​ going to​ happen in​ the story. Read the story and see how close he/she was.

Pop-up word
Pick one word that your child particularly has a​ hard time with and every time your child reads that word, both of​ you stand up. This will help him/her remember the word because an​ action is​ associated with it. This works particularly well with kinesthetic learners. (A child who wants to​ move all the time and likes to​ touch and feel everything.)

Star of​ the Story
Have you ever seen a​ personalized story book where your child's name is​ printed in​ the story? This is​ a​ unique way to​ get your reluctant reader excited about a​ book. in​ these kinds of​ books, your child's name and the name of​ his/her friends are printed in​ the story-line, making your child the star of​ his/her very own book! How motivating is​ that? He/she will have to​ read the book to​ find out what kind of​ adventure he/she will be going on!

To learn more about personalized story books, click the link below.

Sometimes all it​ takes to​ make reading fun is​ some imagination and a​ change of​ scenery.

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