10 Ways To Advertise Online And Where To Get Started

Most business owners fully understand that not advertising is​ the​ surest way to​ kill your business.

However they are also bombarded by so much information and​ so many choices they quickly lose track of​ what options are available to​ them.

There are a​ number of​ cheap and​ easy online advertising options available to​ you.

1. Ezine Advertising

Ezine advertising is​ one of​ the​ best ways to​ reach your future customers because it​ is​ often inexpensive and​ flexible as​ well as​ offering you the​ option to​ match the​ ezine audience with your product and​ ad. it​ also often offers a​ double benefit--your initial ad plus longevity in​ the​ ezine archives.

2. Text Links

This simple tool is​ often overlooked by many. it​ is​ simply one of​ the​ least expensive and​ yet most powerful advertising option available. You can often buy text links for​ under $10 and​ the​ link will not only promote the​ specific site or​ page you choose but also connect it​ with the​ specific key words that will benefit you the​ most.

Text links also provide a​ double bonus. You can attract immediate traffic from the​ host site as​ well as​ achieve better search engine ranking which will further increase traffic.

3. Pay per click advertising

Just like it​ sounds pay per click advertising is​ simply paying for​ specifically targeted traffic. You can monitor and​ control these advertising programs very closely and​ tweak your ad copy and​ the​ key words that you are sponsoring. This can be a​ very expensive option but doesn't have to​ be if​ you plan carefully and​ watch closely.

4. Email marketing

Despite ever-increasing vigilant attempts to​ stop spam, we all know that email marketing is​ still alive and​ well. While it​ is​ foolish in​ the​ extreme to​ risk your business, web host, or​ internet connection, by sending out spam you can still use email marketing as​ a​ way to​ reach out and​ touch your customers and​ your future customers.

You just need to​ make sure that no one receives mail except the​ people who ask for​ it. People are still willing to​ sign up for​ mailing lists--especially if​ you have something to​ offer them in​ return for​ sharing their email address. Sponsor a​ contest; give away an​ article, ebook, or​ tutorial; or​ offer a​ discount and​ you will have people sign up willingly.

Then if​ you don't abuse the​ mailing list you will have the​ opportunity to​ reach them again and​ again!

5. Banner Ads

Banner ads have a​ bad reputation. in​ part because of​ the​ proliferation of​ banner farms that killed all the​ banner swap programs (or at​ least made them completely ineffectual). Also we all have memories of​ those hideous banners flashing across the​ top of​ so many web sites.

Banners have come along way since then and​ a​ cleverly designed banner can be a​ real asset to​ any advertising campaign. Also don't forget that you don't have to​ use one of​ those big giant banners that span the​ width of​ the​ screen. You can use smaller simple ads that can fit easily into the​ sidebar or​ special box on a​ web site so they can suit the​ design and​ work more effectively.

It is​ also important that you pay close attention to​ what sites you will choose for​ displaying your banner. IE. a​ site about web development for​ your web hosting service ad or​ a​ site about parenting for​ your ad promoting your potty training book.

Many text link and​ pay per click advertising vendors also offer the​ option of​ banner ads. Similarly many ezine and​ newsletter publishers sell space on their sites.

~~ Sell Your Knowledge ~~

These next five advertising methods are all free or​ relatively inexpensive because you are trading something of​ value -- your knowledge and​ expertise -- in​ return for​ advertising.

6. Publish a​ Newsletter

Creating your own regular newsletter or​ ezine offers you all the​ advantages of​ ezine advertising and​ email marketing offered above.

7. Publish a​ Blog and​ RSS Feed

While publishing a​ newsletter or​ ezine isn't that difficult it​ is​ much easier to​ create a​ blog and​ make its content available via RSS feed. This can offer you the​ benefits of​ regularly updated material for​ your web site which will be attractive to​ visitors and​ search engines alike. it​ will also help establish you as​ an​ expert in​ your field.

I personally like using WordPress on your own site but many web hosts now offer blogging services and​ there are many free blogging sites around where you can create a​ blog on their site.

8. Write Articles

Take some of​ the​ material you have generated for​ your newsletter and/or blog and​ share it​ with others. Make it​ available in​ one of​ the​ many free content directories available on the​ web. This not only helps to​ establish your credibility but the​ contact info you provide in​ your resource box (which will run every time someone else publishes your material) will bring in​ both direct traffic as​ well as​ search engine attention.

9. Create an​ Ebook

Once you have enough material generated from your newsletter and​ blog then you can package it​ into a​ convenient Ebook and​ give it​ away. Make sure to​ collect names and​ email addresses and​ offer a​ coupon or​ discount to​ bring people back to​ your site!

10. Post in​ Forums

If you have the​ time you should start your own forum but even if​ you only have a​ few minutes a​ week to​ spare for​ this effort then it​ can be well worth the​ effort. Don't offer blatant spam posts but find a​ forum where you have something to​ offer. Make sure that you include an​ appropriate url and​ description for​ your forum signature and​ you will attract the​ double benefit of​ traffic and​ search engine attention!

No successful advertising campaign embraces one single method of​ advertising and​ no single method of​ advertising works for​ everyone. Advertising cannot be treated as​ a​ one-size-fits all proposition. However you know what your business needs and​ can offer--mix and​ match methods and​ make sure to​ track your results--to optimize your choices.

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