10 Tips To Survive An Unexpected Holiday Hurricane

10 Tips To Survive An Unexpected Holiday Hurricane

As you pack the​ last items of​ your luggage, ready for​ your tropical vacation, nobody likes to​ think about the​ event of​ a​ natural disaster. the​ thought that a​ hurricane could ruin your perfect ‘relaxing’ break in​ the​ sun should rightly be the​ last thing from your mind, but if​ you’re heading to​ a​ region where such natural disasters are known to​ occur, it​ can never hurt to​ be prepared. of​ course worldwide travel insurance can provide some peace of​ mind that you’ll be reimbursed for​ your medical fees or​ lost valuables, but in​ terms of​ survival, some hurricane advice is​ absolutely essential. for​ that reason, we’ve compiled a​ list of​ 10 things you can do to​ ensure your safe return to​ the​ UK.

So, if​ you hear of​ a​ warning, follow these 10 pieces of​ hurricane advice to​ ensure you stay safe in​ the​ event of​ disaster:

1. Listen to​ local media sources, to​ stay informed

Keep an​ eye on local news and​ an​ ear on local radio! Latest developments will be shared this way, and​ they will offer insights into when any hurricane is​ due to​ strike. if​ the​ local hurricane advice is​ to​ evacuate, you’ll hear it​ here first!

2. Talk to​ your tour or​ travel operator

Stay in​ touch with your travel or​ tour operator. They may be able to​ offer additional hurricane advice and, combined with local radio reports, will let you know if​ you need to​ leave the​ area immediately.

3. Make alternate return travel arrangements home

If a​ hurricane does hit the​ resort and/or country you’re staying in, you can anticipate widespread damage. Airports are not above these hits, and​ it​ may take some time for​ them to​ reopen if​ they take some serious damage. it​ may be wise to​ make alternative travel arrangements to​ get back home after the​ incident, and​ rearrange home-based commitments if​ you have any. You could be here a​ while!

4. Stay inside, away from doors and​ windows

If a​ hurricane is​ due to​ hit, and​ you don’t have time to​ evacuate the​ area as​ advised, then ensure you are indoors when it​ is​ due to​ strike. it​ is​ absolutely essential that you ensure you are far away from all doors and​ windows when it​ strikes.

5. Make a​ hurricane supply kit

If you’re going to​ be confined to​ your hotel or​ apartment for​ the​ duration of​ the​ hurricane, make sure you’re prepared. Think enough food and​ water to​ last 24-48 hours, batteries, flashlights and​ medication.

6. Contact the​ UK consulate

The UK consulate can provide assistance for​ UK citizens, but only if​ they know you are here! Make contact before and​ after the​ hurricane.

7. Make a​ list of​ emergency contact numbers

Yes, your mobile phone may store all the​ contact numbers you will need, but you can’t guarantee your phone will have charge when you need to​ access them – and​ it​ may be impossible to​ charge it​ if​ the​ power is​ out in​ the​ affected areas! Make a​ hard copy of​ all the​ telephone numbers you will need, so you can make contact with friends and​ relatives somehow after the​ hurricane.

8. Get all your documents together before you need to​ evacuate

You may need to​ evacuate at​ a​ moment’s notice. Get all your important documents (ID, passport, travel insurance certificate, driving license, etc.) together in​ one place so you have everything essential to​ hand if​ you have to​ leave quickly.

9. Secure the​ building’s openings against the​ hurricane

Tape, board over or​ shutter any openings to​ the​ building – doors and​ windows alike. Ensure that any sliding glass doors are wedged to​ make sure they don’t lift up from their tracks. This will minimize the​ chances of​ injury from broken glass.

10. Take your worldwide travel insurance certificate along with you

Take your worldwide travel insurance certificate with you when you travel (you did get travel insurance, right?) Not only will you need to​ produce the​ worldwide travel insurance certificate when making a​ claim, but if​ you require emergency treatment, the​ hospital will want a​ copy when you are first admitted – otherwise you may be stuck with a​ huge bill you cannot afford!

Obviously, the​ chances of​ you being caught in​ an​ unexpected hurricane in​ the​ middle of​ your holiday are remote, but these tips can make a​ very real difference, and​ could save your life and​ keep you free of​ injury should a​ natural disaster occur.

10 Tips To Survive An Unexpected Holiday Hurricane

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