10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bluetooth Headsets

10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Bluetooth Headsets

10 Things You Need to​ Know before Buying Bluetooth Headsets
When you have successfully chosen a​ good mobile phone from the seemingly endless supply of​ cell phones, picking a​ headset can just be as​ overwhelming .​
To narrow your choices down, a​ Bluetooth headset may just be the perfect choice for anyone looking for a​ hands-free solution .​
Why, you may ask?
Bluetooth headsets offer a​ convenient wireless connection between the headset and your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone .​
But before grabbing the first Bluetooth headset you see in​ stores, there are a​ few things you need to​ know about the integration of​ Bluetooth technology in​ modern mobile headsets.
1. Bluetooth is​ considered the most misunderstood technology in​ the wireless age because many people are not familiar of​ how it​ works .​
However, technology experts estimate that more than 50 million Bluetooth devices will launch at​ the end of​ 2018 .​
2. Bluetooth technology works in​ a​ simple way .​
It allows two devices (i.e., your headset and your mobile phone) to​ communicate with each other by sending data over a​ low-cost, short-range radio waves .​
3. With Bluetooth technology, both devices do not need any wires and cables; they also do not need to​ be within line of​ sight .​
The only requirement for this technology to​ work is​ that both your cell phone and headset should be Bluetooth-compatible.
4. Bluetooth technology does not cost a​ cent, aside from your initial investment with your mobile phone and headset.
5. Bluetooth has a​ range of​ 10 meters and up to​ seven connections with a​ speed of​ 1 Mbps is​ possible at​ one time.
6. Bluetooth comes in​ several versions, so you need to​ consider your mobile phone’s technology when picking out a​ headset .​
Make sure your two devices will work with each other smoothly .​
Most devices in​ the market work around Bluetooth 1.1, but Bluetooth 2.0 is​ available with enhancements to​ the technology, enabling higher connection speeds and higher number of​ devices.
7. Bluetooth headsets come in​ two styles – models with a​ boom and without a​ boom .​
This boom is​ an​ extended microphone, designed to​ arch towards your mouth .​
Be aware that Bluetooth headsets with a​ boom tend to​ be bulkier than models without booms .​
However, they are designed to​ rest behind your ears, giving you a​ more comfortable experience.
8. Today, Bluetooth headsets without a​ boom have become more popular because they are compact and offer more design choices .​
Some headset models are designed to​ fit directly into your ear, instead of​ just resting against the ear .​
To ensure you are comfortable with a​ particular model, check several styles to​ find the right fit.
9. Some Bluetooth headsets available in​ the market have various features, such as​ caller ID display .​
While your mobile phone has caller ID, this feature is​ a​ great help when your phone is​ out of​ reach .​
Simply glance over the LCD display of​ your headset and you’ll know who’s on the line.
10. When you find a​ compatible headset with your mobile phone, don’t just buy it​ at​ once .​
Make sure that you receive the best sound quality when making and receiving a​ call .​
Say goodbye to​ all its impressive features if​ sound quality suffers greatly.
Choosing a​ Bluetooth headset from the endless supply of​ features and models can be an​ overwhelming task .​
However, as​ long as​ you understand how this technology works, what features are important and what models give you comfort, then you can be sure to​ buy the best headset fit for your mobile phone.

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