10 Reasons To Go To College

10 Reasons To Go To College

Life is​ full of​ options and choices. The choices we make shape our future. as​ we stand at​ the cross roads after high school we must have the right vision to​ make the decision to​ go to​ college.

1. A college education secures our future. The number of​ employment opportunities is​ greater and statistics reveal that most leaders are college grads.

2. If you have a​ college education you will make more money which in​ turn will enable you to​ have a​ better lifestyle. if​ a​ high school graduate earns US$ 34,303 annually, a​ college graduate will earn US$ 56,334, and a​ person with a​ professional qualification will net at​ least US$ 99,411.

3. It is​ not just earnings. a​ college education makes you a​ rounded person. it​ shapes your communication skills, expands your knowledge base, makes you methodical and organized, and exposes you to​ a​ whole new world of​ learning.

4. People with a​ college education have better value systems and are healthier. They are able to​ guide their family positively.

5. College can help you qualify in​ fields you are interested in. So if​ you are an​ innovator, inventor, or​ healer, or​ artist you can train in​ the specific field and qualify.

6. According to​ experts, college graduates are self confident, have greater knowledge of​ governance, are less likely to​ become criminals, are emotionally and financially secure, make better partners and parents, and have a​ deeper understanding of​ human nature.

7. College instills a​ deep sense of​ right and wrong and is​ they very essence of​ a​ democratic world.

8. Education opens the doors to​ many things like multiple jobs, career choices, the chance to​ further education at​ any point in​ life, and the option of​ teaching others what you have learnt. Be it​ a​ child, family member, or​ a​ poor person you meet.

9. College education is​ an​ investment in​ you that yields much more than Wall Street investments.

10. College educated citizens will ensure the continuing success of​ the “American Dream.” The ability to​ see the right path and work for peace and prosperity.

Students according to​ Jose Marti a​ patriot are the very ramparts of​ a​ nation and the strongest advocates of​ freedom. Education creates a​ conscience and as​ a​ result a​ better human being. College education eventually becomes a​ legacy for future generations. Most succeeding generations of​ college educated people go to​ college themselves. The value of​ a​ good education becomes ingrained in​ their genes. Huge stones can be moved with muscle power but it​ is​ brain power that tells you how to​ move it​ and what can be done with it.

10 Reasons To Go To College

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